A victim of a collision of the car in the heart of new York city was the 18-year-old girl

The number of victims of collision of a car in Central new York increased to 23. On Thursday, may 18, announced mayor bill De Blasio, reports Reuters.

Also we know of one killed the pedestrian. According to the Agency, it was 18-year-old girl.

Earlier, the city police Department reported 13 injured pedestrians.

The mayor also revealed the identity of the driver — he was a former soldier Richard Rojas.

Video: At least 10 people receiving treatment after vehicle strikes pedestrians in display includes NYC’s Times [email protected] pic.twitter.com/vSk548yHNs

— Global News (@GlobalZarfati) may 18, 2017

The car drove into a crowd of people on times square in the afternoon of 18 may. The incident occurred at the intersection of 45th street and Broadway. Eyewitnesses said that the driver acted deliberately. According to them, the car rode against the traffic and on the sidewalk, knocking down pedestrians. According to the official police statement, the incident is not a terrorist attack.