There are people, there is no crime

In recent years, increasingly mentioned the possibility of starting in the US, impeachment proceedings against the President of Donald trump, which opponents and the media Express a range of charges — from nepotism to the betrayal of national interests and love for Russia. But the theory and desire is one thing and practice is another.

According to the U.S. Constitution from 1787, the head of state can be removed from office through impeachment for serious crimes, such as treason, bribery, a violation of the Constitution, etc. of Course, it is necessary not only reason, you also need to follow many legal procedures, and provide specified in the basic law, a majority of both houses of Congress. In the end, the removal of the President of the United States from the post borders on mission impossible and it is not surprising that technically, none of the former owners of the White house has never been suspended. (Technically, because the only real contender for this honor Richard Nixon resigned myself).

It is important that all attempts to impeach the President of the United States has always been a struggle between different groups of the elite. Besides, the struggle is not for some ideals and values, and for astronomically large amount of money. In the case of trump’s (very simplistically) it is about the struggle between isolationists and globalists. Each side has its own truth and its own interests, calculated figures with lots of zeros. Everything else, including the Saga of Russian hackers — only the background and propaganda, with the latter often being worthy of such classics as Kafka.

Basic setup of the opponents of trump, in principle, very simple. The President of the United States is implemented and information and political offensive on all fronts in the hope that sooner or later he’ll make a mistake that will allow you to start the impeachment. In the case of the beginning of the procedure there is a high probability of reaching the end — for a large part of the elite Republican Vice-President Michael Pence is much more desirable than trump, and this part of the Republicans should be enough to overthrow the trump. The task of the incumbent President and his associates to retain their current positions and not to create reasons to begin impeachment. Time is working for trump, because he doesn’t need to look far for the answer to the question of voters who are to blame for the fact that he is not fulfilling his campaign promises.

In General, it seems that trump’s chances in this fight is better and the 45th US President will remain in office at least until the end of the term. However, the uncompromising struggle for power in the United States does not benefit neither the superpower nor its allies around the world. There are concerns that during this struggle the United States will lose more than they could ever get.