TOP 10 best animal fights with unmanned drones (video)

People used to consider themselves masters of nature, and sometimes universal patient mother to put us in our place. This is especially true for unmanned aircraft, which often fly where you don’t belong and get paid for it deserved punishment. We speak with all seriousness: keep drones away from animals as their Pets away from the drones. The mechanical bird can cause serious damage to both wild and domestic animals, so these videos will be a good illustration of why you should not test the patience of our smaller brethren, – writes “Popular Mechanics”.

1. Drone vs dog-round 1

Dogs for millennia served the people as true friends and devoted defenders, but because if the dog sees the strange buzzing thing flying around her owner, she will respond immediately. Winner: Dog

2. Drone vs hawk

People — guests at the sky, and the metal device is often a cause of righteous anger from the true inhabitants of the air space. The hawk, as a born predator, dived straight at the drone and tried to gut him where would be the cockpit. Winner: Hawk

3. Drone vs kangaroo

Kangaroos have a reputation for being bullies, not just. If you get too close, then the male (and even female) will react to this as a call to battle. No matter are you made of flesh or plastic, and electronics, kangaroos are always happy to hurt you on the first number! Winner: Kangaroo

4. Drone vs dog-round 2

Video posted @aleanaholmes Jul 15 2016 at 5:27 PDT

Apparently, dog the drone is not only a threat, but the flying treat. The dog bit into an engineering marvel, clearly trying to bite an intruder. Well, 2:0! Winner: Dog

5. Drone vs kitten

One of the most charming games. The kitten is still very small, but its predator instincts already being felt. On someone else to practice hunting techniques, not in a flying drone, right? Winner: Tiny kitten

6. Drone vs cat

Cats instinctively attack everything that passes nearby and looks smaller than the cat itself. The drone is literally asking for a cat hunt, and immediately becomes the object of persecution. Winner: Adult cat

7. Drone vs goose

Geese are vicious and vindictive birds and the Internet is full of proofs of this assertion. It often happens that Gus can fight with you for no apparent reason. This handsome, apparently, unleashed its fury on the drone only because he somehow read it wrong. Winner: Gus

8. Drone vs dog, 3 round

In any real fight should be an odd number of rounds, although here the result is quite predictable. If it’s on the table — so is the food, right? The puppy does not waste time trying to crack an alluring boy toy. Alas, my friend, but it is inedible. Winner: Dog

9. Drone vs sheep

The obstinacy of sheep known for so long, has served as a subject for tales and sayings. If your drone flies too close to the horned sheep, it can happen only one thing… the Winner: RAM

10. Drone vs Cheetah

Cheetah is not just big, it’s also incredibly quick and careful cat. However, the drone still is a bit quicker. In fact, the Nature, you can’t win all the time! Winner: the Cowardly drone