Putin has thought up for Ukraine a new dangerous plan

The President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin has a new plan to turn Ukraine into a Pro-Russian puppet country of the times of Viktor Yanukovych. This is confirmed by the statements of the leader of the so-called LPR Igor Plotnitsky on the return of quasirandomly in the Ukraine, told “Apostrophe” group coordinator “Information resistance” Dmitry Tymchuk.

Nothing new in the statements of Carpenter (who spoke of returning LNR in the Ukraine, if that will become Pro — “Apostrophe”) no. He repeats the instructions that he hears at the meetings with participation of Russian curators and representatives of the presidential administration of the Russian Federation. After the failure of a military scenario for the creation of “new Russia” Putin played a new scenario — transformation of Ukraine into the state a puppet of the Kremlin Yanukovych times. Now actively raise the head of yesterday’s regionals, unwinds “the Opposition bloc”. Judging from the resources that are spent on PR, their electorate is growing, particularly in the East and South of Ukraine.

All this against the background of extremely negative socio-economic situation in Ukraine for the Kremlin opens a window of opportunity to attempt to push through more Pro-Russian government and their henchmen in key positions in Ukraine. The more now discredited current government, the more raise his head the Pro-Russian forces in Ukraine, the more Putin’s chances. Following the elections to the Parliament can become a point of reference, when the Ukrainian Parliament is already full of Pro-Russian elements and agents. You can then try to impose on the President who would be more loyal to Russia.

The implementation of such a scenario will not force Putin to abandon military scenario in the Donbass. For him, the worse the better. The more people of Ukraine will be unhappy with the events in Donbass, the more Putin appears likely to implement political scenario. Can the power scenario is viewed as a prelude to political.

Active hostilities in the Donbas played into the hands of Putin, because they retain the negative socio-economic situation. It’s not just that we lost some economic power, and about the fact that Ukraine is not going to invest. International companies do not pay attention to ideological matters, but for them important positions in the rating of the security. A country where fighting is going on, is always at risk. So the fighting in the Donbas Putin restricts investments that would boost the economy of Ukraine.

It is unlikely that the deterioration in the Donbass will be associated with the preparation of Putin’s election campaign. Because predictable, we can say that he will remain President. Or, alternatively, a clone of Putin in the face of Medvedev. If a miracle happens and the authorities in Russia will be the opposition forces, on the situation in the Donbass will not be affected. We have not heard from the Russian opposition statements on the Crimea and Donbas, contrary to the position of the Kremlin. And this is understandable — the majority of Russians sympathize with and share the Imperial aspirations of Putin. Any politician who starts to cry for justice, will lose ratings.

Dmitry Tymchuk, the coordinator of group “Information resistance”.