Zelensky: Ukraine begins preparation for release from quarantine

Before the end of the quarantine is a week – business is starting to get ready for work

Today the Cabinet will consider easing quarantine, however, Ukraine should prepare for the easing of restrictions which will take effect from 12 may. This was discussed at a daily conference on the prevention of the spread of coronavirus, which was held under the chairmanship of President Vladimir Zelensky, according to the income statement.

“We have to keep the restrictive measures until may 11, as promised, because people’s health is the most important. Stable situation with the spread COVID-19 and the lack of critical number of patients we have only thanks to the timely quarantine measures. But because businesses need to prepare for the release from quarantine: to buy goods, to disinfect, to warn people – the whole country will prepare for this as early as this week”, – said Vladimir Zelensky.

In turn, Prime Minister Denis Shmyhal announced that the government would Refine the algorithms to securely open a wholesale and retail trade of inedible goods (except shopping centers), beauty salons, car dealerships, museums, libraries and other places to visit that will have clear rules of compliance with sanitary norms.

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Not ruled out the opening of summer playgrounds in cafes and restaurants, but that local authorities are given the right to close them in case of complication of epidemic situation.

Bankova said that the quarantine restrictions can be strengthened, if there’s an outbreak.

Quarantine in Ukraine was extended until may 11, but the government is already being asked to get out of it sooner or at least loosen restrictive measures. At the meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers April 29, Premier Denis Shmyhal made clear that Ukraine will not prematurely come out of the restrictive measures. The Cabinet has submitted a plan of Ukraine’s exit from quarantine, which involves five stages. First and foremost, if for ten consecutive days, the ratio of new cases COVID-19 among all the tested will not change or daily variance kept at 5%, in this case, the government will open up parks and recreation areas, some of the objects of the beauty industry, allowed workout team sports.