Entrepreneurs create spare pad sale because of the ban on Russian social networks

On 17 may, the decision of the NSDC on the introduction of sanctions against several Russian companies and natural persons entered into force. We will remind, on may 16, President Petro Poroshenko signed a decree, which, among other things, involves the blocking of popular social networks “Vkontakte” and “Classmates”, websites and Yandex Mail.ru and also some accounting software.

While the Russian social networks are sending your users instructions how to bypass the lock, some Ukrainian providers have already begun implementation of the NSDC decision. And the Internet-Association of Ukraine even said that because of the sanctions may increase prices on the Internet for the Ukrainians. As told to us the Chairman of the IAUP Alexander Fedenko to block Russian sites providers need to purchase new technology. This will affect the value of the Internet in Ukraine, which is still the cheapest in Europe. “In Ukraine, the Internet network was built, when it was not necessary to control the content of the traffic. Providers initially purchased the cheapest equipment without analyzers content, says Fedirko. — Purchase of new equipment would affect operators ‘ tariffs. The experience of Russia, rates rose twice”. The Internet Association of Ukraine has calculated that providers will have to spend on the purchase of technology for the control of traffic is about $ 1 billion, and for the conversion of the system will take one to two years.

THE BUSINESS IS REBUILT. Meanwhile, many Ukrainians who are Russian social networks help drive the business, create a safety pad on other sites. Some believe that the reason for panic yet, hoping that really block the social network will soon. And if it still happens, they become “displaced” and go to build business in legitimate social networks.

“Today” talked with administrators of the largest online communities, the task of which is to sell products via the Internet. Alexander Luhansk, the administrator of a large community selling children’s clothes on prohibition says: “Yet we and our clients are quiet, but to avoid loss of feedback created duplicate pages in Facebook and other social networks. Already many do. We need only to have a relationship with our customers, and the easiest way to do it in a social network to bring people with the same interests in one place (on the page or in the community). While planning to create your own website, but it is only in the case that the access VC is really in practice limit without the possibility of bypass is what we doubt. If we consider VK as a trading platform, I will say this — we sell 90% of our product here.”

The other admin said that the outputs are still there. “You can go into offline sales, you can focus on the development of their sites”, — said the administrator of one of the groups selling sports clothing and shoes Andrew Savinov. But now many companies the sales are is through social networks — sometimes up to 80% of the total. Because all the young people and many people under the age of 45 years sitting on the Internet”.

In addition to sales of clothing, in social networks, is on the verge of closing, there are many service communities. For example, “lost and found”, “Dating” and “rent”, “Black list of swindlers” (from plumbers to brokers). The administrators of these groups say that, most likely, will move to new resources.