What will happen with the Russian anti-virus, e-mail and social networks in Ukraine: the reaction of companies

In the sanctions list against Russia were anti-virus companies, Kaspersky Lab, Dr. Web, the creators of the software ABBYY and 1C. Also, the Council of national security and defense imposed a ban on resources Mail.ru and Yandex, the social network “Vkontakte” and “Classmates”. Sanctions will be in effect for three years. For this period Russian companies in Ukraine are prohibited from using their property, to buy and sell something, take out their capital. Also blocks their financial activities. And providers are required to block access to Russian search engines and social networks. The decree already published in “Governmental Courier” and it entered into force on 17 may. Total in Ukraine has imposed sanctions against 1228 people and the Russian 468 companies.

Are Kaspersky and Dr. Web?

Almost all the IT companies from the sanctions list stated that they would try to save the Ukrainians access to their resources. Software developers and promise to continue to maintain the program despite the ban.

“We know about the new sanctions and are intended to provide continuous protection of its clients in accordance with Ukrainian legislation. Products “Kaspersky Lab” continue to be available on the territory of Ukraine through existing distribution channels, therefore, the new sanctions will not have a significant impact on our customers and partners,” said Kaspersky Lab.

Dr. ABBYY Web and while the official comments on the work in Ukraine is not allowed. All three companies operate through offices in Kiev.

The Ukrainian office of “1C” also reports that it continues to work.

“The use of software products “1C:Enterprise” is fully consistent with the current legislation of Ukraine. The program “1C:Enterprise” operational, technical support is operating normally, all information and methodological resources available for use. Partners of “1C:Franchisee” continue to provide services for the updating of products, information and technological support of software products 1C:Enterprise,” commented the company.

According to the latest statements of the SBU, private sector security officials to check will not, however, warn that programs process all of the information in Russia. But the state-owned enterprises have to buy other programs.

What will happen to mail on Mail.ru “Yandex” and social networks

“VKontakte” and “Classmates” sent instructions on how to bypass the lock. The same letters by the Ukrainians in the mail Mail.ru.

“VKontakte is the most popular social network in Ukraine, every month the resource is visited by 16 million people in the country. Ukrainians for ten years, communicate with their friends and family to come together in community for personal and professional interests, share photos and opinions. We, the Team of Vkontakte, always avoided party politics. We believe that the Internet inherently has no boundaries. We have defended and will defend the interests of all our users and partners,” commented communications Director of “Vkontakte” Ukraine Vlad Legotkin.

Some providers have blocked access to Russian social networks.

Communications Director of “Classmates” Anastasia zhbanova said that the company will try to keep in touch Ukrainian users: “We hope that the interests of our users will be in the first place. Together we will find a way to stay connected, and 9.5 million Ukrainian users OK, our partners and advertisers will be able to use the social network as they used to,” she commented.

Mail.Ru the Group also says Ukrainians that the services will be available to all.

“We never participated in politics. We have not broken any laws of Ukraine, – reads the statement of the company. – Our audience of millions we want to say that in our job nothing will change, we will continue to provide all services to our users in all countries, and existing capabilities of special services will continue to use our online resources. Our employees, partners and customers on the territory of Ukraine, we want to assure you that all obligations Mail.Ru Group will be executed in front of them in full”.

At the same time, “Yandex” has declared that Ukraine will not be a great loss for the company: “the business of the group companies Yandex, of course, very large, and sanctions will not have a negative impact. But we consider Ukraine to be an important part of our work and regret that the sanctions nullify all long-term efforts of our team. The main victim of the sanctions is a Ukrainian user. Very sorry”, – said the press service.

The SBU explained the ban on Russian Internet resources the fact that they are involved in a hybrid war against Ukraine and regularly ignoring warnings of the security forces.

“SBU constantly captures the active dissemination of such resources through anti-Ukrainian appeals to radical protest actions with the use of weapons. The management of Internet resources that are included in the sanctions list, never respond to treatment of the SBU. The security service together with other law enforcement agencies developing a mechanism of blocking these Internet resources”, – reported in SBU.

“Vkontakte”, “Classmates” and Mail.ru send Ukrainians messages with instructions bypass the ban.

This message said in “Yandex”: “We have worked and are working in strict accordance with the law. We always respond to treatment of the SBU and other law enforcement agencies of Ukraine in accordance with established procedures. Yandex is not a social network, it does not have its own social network, which also could spread the content referred to in the statement.”

Ukrainian operators have become LifeCell and “welfare” have already started to block Russian sites. In addition to the blocking of Russian websites have started “Ukrtelecom”, “Kyivstar”, “Lanet”. Also getting ready to fulfill the decree of the President of the “Triolan” with “Will”. Management of “Ukrtelecom” for blocking sites would take from two days to a week.