Deputy Prime Minister Question in e-Declaration showed the riches wife

Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Kistion in 2016 received 385 thousand UAH of wages. Such data are contained in the electronic Declaration of official.

In particular, Question received 100 thousand UAH 66 wages from the Verkhovna Rada and 284 912 thousand UAH from the Cabinet.

Also Question declared 815 thousand UAH in cash and two deposits in state banks -559 UAH 127 thousand 517 UAH.

Real estate

In the ownership of the Deputy Prime Minister is a plot of land in Vinnytsia region with an area of 900 sq. m. the Deputy Premier Also rents an apartment in Kiev area of 54.8 sq. m.

At the same time, the wife of Deputy Prime Minister Valetina Question owns several land plots: 17,6 thousand sq. m, 17,78 thousand square meters, 17,777 sq. m. it owns a share of the sleeping case in Khmelnik Vinnytsia region with a total area of 34.5 sq m, cost 54,81 thousand UAH.


Question is the owner of the car KrAZ-762 1986 issue, and his wife cars Toyota Highlander 3.5 l 2010, LUAZ-969М 1988 release and trailer “Suntay-1600” 2013 release.