What foods will help flush nicotine from the body

Smoking not only has a negative impact on the health of the consumer of tobacco products, but also a source of air pollution from hazardous substances for the environment. In recent years significantly increased the number of people seeking to get rid of bad habits. It is not easy: quit Smoking, the person immediately begins to suffer from withdrawal, reports med2.ru.


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In addition, many “former” smokers are at first experience a great disappointment because the improvement in health status, which, they hope, comes not at once. The reason is that toxic substances, for years accumulated in the body, are completely removed only after 6-8 months. Fortunately, this process can be accelerated, every day including in your diet foods that promote excretion of nicotine and substances resulting from its collapse.

  • Citrus

Oranges, lemons, tangerines, grapefruits and other members of the family of citrus are considered the Champions for vitamin C. This substance increases the intensity of metabolism and improves blood flow, helping to cleanse the blood and lung tissue from the harmful products of Smoking.

In addition, fruits with “Sunny” (orange or yellow) color, are very effective for getting rid of depression, signs which are often observed in people who recently quit. Consumption of citrus fruits has some restrictions: they should not be abused, if you suffer from stomach ulcers or allergies.

  • Kiwi

This tropical fruit contains vitamins C, A and E, necessary for normal functioning. Organic acid included in the fruit, accelerate metabolism. In addition, it contains a lot of magnesium, which improves breathing and helps get rid of the cough that has plagued the majority of smokers.

Kiwi is considered a dietary low-calorie product. It is recommended to use to people struggling with excess weight, which is important and to abandon the nicotine. You must remember that kiwi is not desirable for people suffering from inflammatory diseases of the kidney and stomach in the acute stage or arterial hypotension.

  • Spinach

Our compatriots too often include in your diet meals of spinach. Meanwhile, it is very rich in folic acid (vitamin B9), essential for the normal functioning of the nervous system and to help maintain muscle tone.

This fact should be very interesting to smokers as long-term use of tobacco can lead to the development of deficiency of vitamin B9 in the body.

Spinach is another great quality that people who regularly include it in your menu, note that over time are beginning to perceive the taste of tobacco smoke. The process of Smoking becomes unpleasant to them, which facilitates getting rid of bad habits.

  • Carrots

Benefits of carrots for those who decided to quit Smoking is difficult to overestimate. It is rich in provitamin A, vitamins B, C, and K, which are involved in the process of removing toxins, help relieve stress, beneficial for the overall health of the body.

Do not forget that the regular consumption of carrots significantly improves the condition of the skin, than most longtime smokers are in dire need.

The diet of a man who decided to get rid of the habit to smoke must be balanced in essential nutrients, minerals and vitamins. It is very important (especially in the early days) to control the number of calories in the diet: consumption of tobacco reduces appetite and failure of the habit increases the likelihood of overeating and, as a consequence, weight gain.

Should as often as possible to include in the menu foods that promote the production of serotonin (dark chocolate, oily sea fish, legumes) to help the body cope with stress. Eating right, drinking plenty of fluids and keeping a reasonable routine, you will be able to survive this difficult period, avoiding large losses and psychological health problems.