The statue of Spain became the oldest patient in the world, winning COVID-19

The disease is asymptomatic

The statue from Spain, which previously confirmed the first case COVID-19 domestic cat, Mary Branas became the oldest patient in the world, winning the coronavirus.

The pensioner fell ill, when in March in a nursing home Santa Maria del Tura at Olot, where Braniac, the outbreak started COVID-19, reports the Daily Mail.

The woman will not come out of his room, to avoid infecting others. Even his 113th birthday she had to celebrate alone.

The disease is asymptomatic. The woman managed to recover. 17 other residents of the nursing home died.

Mary Braniac – the oldest inhabitant of Spain. She was born in San Francisco, USA, March 4, 1907, and moved to Spain in 1915. Braniac managed to survive two world wars, the civil war in Spain and the Spanish flu pandemic. The UAE has three children, 11 grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren.

99-year-old veteran has recovered from COVID-19. Source: REUTERS

Earlier 99-year-old world war II veteran of Armando Piveta became the oldest Brazilianwho recovered from COVID-19.

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