“Macrosomia” is the magical formula of the future

Felt whether during a meeting of Emmanuel Macron (Emmanuel Macron) Angela Merkel (Angela Merkel) do some magic of a new beginning? For a wonderful German-French relations there is sufficient capacity. France and Germany could work together to fill the hole, which is formed with an exit from the European Union (EU) United Kingdom.

Just as françois Mitterrand (François Mitterrand) and Helmut Kohl (Helmut Kohl) adopted in 1990, the political decision on the Euro, and the Rules and Merkel has a historic chance to set the economic guidelines for the economic and monetary Union.

“Macrosomia” is the magic formula of the future. Just as the newly elected President of the state is not in favor of the old “left” or “right” ideology and is headed by a pragmatic non-partisan movement for France of the twenty-first century, and him and Merkel had to free themselves from the old parties associated with the ideological bonds of bygone days and together with new ideas beyond classic state to prepare the EU for the era of digitalization.

“Variable geometry”, which focuses on the specific challenges of the future and makes it possible as a joint European and national decision should be a joint German-French goal. Not “either-or”, and “and” is the keynote of such a policy.

Europe should complement old national state

European solutions should not be nominated instead of national, and in parallel with them. Europe should not replace the old nation-state, but to complement them. Both exist next to each other and mutually caused. On the principle of variable geometry major topics of the future could be addressed together, and smaller — at the national level.

Therefore, neither Europe does not need to turn into a super-state nor Germany overstrain. Just business matters in the common interest are addressed jointly. And in some cases without the abolition of the existing decentralized structures.

In the “variable geometry” it is not about whether only Eurobonds or only the national government loans. Rather, both should exist next to each other. Thus common European projects could be undertaken jointly through Eurobonds and national goals to be funded separately, through the national loans. Small transport network, cultural institutions, universities or schools should continue to exist at the expense of national, regional or municipal funds.

Investors looking for new investment opportunities

Why in areas such as digital network, renewable energy or constant mobility cannot define a common European investment projects that would be organized, supervised and joint European loans is funded by the European Finance Minister? It would be very beneficial for the German small investors who are frustrated negative interest rates and throw up their hands in search of more reliable alternatives.

Here you could find attractive opportunities for investment, and all would benefit from this. Not only investors, not only by the environment but also future generations, for which the best infrastructure offers the best prospects.

Similarly, there must be alternatives — or a “European army”, or “Bundeswehr”. Both armies have next to each other to take care of the security of Europe and Germany. For example, at the European level can be coordinated measures for peacemaking and peacekeeping outside Europe.

National armed forces would be responsible for defense of the country. France and Germany could work together under a common security policy to get rid of dependence on NATO and the United States and thereby take on more shared responsibility for their own safety.

The joint army would have shown that already now exists, the European community, which characterize Europe and that we need to work together to preserve and strengthen.

Concepts such as freedom, peace and safety sound abstract, but a state of law, democracy and social market economy are their concrete expression. Their preservation and enhancement are no longer only a national task. Security has become a European challenge.

Unemployment insurance needs to be Europeanized

Many other areas are great for joint German-French avant-garde, which later in some cases, at the request and voluntarily could join all the other member countries of the EU and perhaps even the United Kingdom. So you need to think about whether or not along with the growing Europeanisation of the value chain to also Europeanize and unemployment insurance.

Freedom of movement of labour would be thus supplemented by a joint social insurance. Opportunistic asymmetric shock between the individual member countries would thus be reduced.

The European unemployment insurance would have to insure only a minimum standard. Along with the size of the payment, this also applies to the duration of payments. Everything that goes beyond, can continue to be insured through the national unemployment insurance.

Macron understands women

On the other hand, Germany and France should study the experience of Britain, which largely led to Bracito. With the appropriate response ought in advance to respond proactively to the anti-European mood, which otherwise may lead to the abandonment of the European common principle.

For example, should strive to ensure that citizens of the EU only suspended could use social systems of other countries-EU members. So they only after obtaining the right to permanent residence would receive access to social security. Thus it would be possible to limit the so-called tourism social security, which many believe is unfair.

Emmanuel macron has managed to score points in France, just among the younger generation, which on the other side of the old national party borders Europe has already become a daily life reality. That graceful the President also knows how to handle women older than him, gives the right to hope that his movement will be supported and the clever, open to the world Merkel, the Chancellor of the economically most powerful, the most modern and reliable European countries. And perhaps even inspiration in order to work in the interests of a generation of grandchildren to work on a “variable geometry” of Europe.