As bezviz will affect the growth of the Ukrainian economy

Visa-free regime, but rather the liberalization of the visa regime between Ukraine and the EU, prednaznachen, primarily for Ukrainian tourists who wish to visit EU countries.

Therefore, it is logical that due to bezveza in the first place should increase the EU’s GDP. As if the number of Ukrainians visiting the EU will grow, respectively, will be more money spent in the EU: for the purchase of goods and entertainment. As a result, the EU economy will receive additional income.

Difficult to estimate how massively the Ukrainians, at the moment, will go for tourism purposes in the EU. If we proceed from the fact that currently the average official wage in Ukraine at the level of 200 euros, this is unlikely to be a mass phenomenon.

Although constantly there is talk that in fact the Ukrainians are due to the “shadow economy” very large incomes so they can afford to go to the EU. But this is more talk and fantasy. In fact, for a long time all who had a good income, and could with visas without any problems to visit the EU. Therefore, if growth of Ukrainian tourists in the EU, it is not significant. Can be really will increase the number of tours that weekend in the EU. What is called “drink for a weekend of beer in Prague”. That’s it really.

For information, the most active tourists in the world, this is not the Ukrainians, and the Japanese, Russian and Chinese. They are really spending money in the EU and are the main sponsors of the tourism sector of the EU.

In connection with bezveza expressed the opinion that now the Ukrainian businessman negotiating with EU counterparts, will not need to get a visa and you can fly for a day or two and promptly conduct negotiations. And this should lead to growth of Ukraine’s exports to the EU and, as a result, economic growth in Ukraine. It is quite difficult to assess how this fact may affect the growth of Ukraine’s economy. Has long been respectable businessmen who traded with the EU, have a multiple entry visa and they have no problems to negotiate with business partners from the EU. As a small businessman it is difficult to actually find partners in the EU. To hold provisional talks on the Internet. Especially in the context of globalization of the world economy, where most of the transactions do take place without personal contact, and with the help of modern communications.

There remains a third and perhaps the most important factor bizwise. Indeed, bezviz bans to work legally in the EU. But in fact, Ukraine’s leadership, when he speaks about it often implies that the majority of Ukrainians will go to work in EU illegally. This is what can do to ensure the growth of Ukraine’s economy.

And they are right. Over the past year to Ukraine from the EU received private remittances in the amount of about $ 4 billion. This is 26% more than in 2013. Growth is taking place, and that’s a fact. First of all, this growth was due to export of labor force from Ukraine to Poland. Bezviz should help to increase the number of Ukrainian migrant workers in Poland, at least two, maybe three times. In addition, it is expected that the Ukrainians will be able to work semi-legally under bezveza in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece. This will increase the inflow of foreign currency to Ukraine from migrant workers to 5-7 billion dollars. This is indeed able to ensure the growth of Ukraine’s GDP, at least 1-2%.

Currently, the share of private remittances to Ukraine’s GDP of only 6.5%, while, as in Albania, the figure is more than 9%. Ukraine has all chances due to bezveze, to reach the level of Albania and may even surpass it. And this could be the drive, which will create an incentive for economic growth of Ukraine. For the currency, which comes to Ukraine from workers is a desirable currency. It is not necessary to return, as the IMF loans. In this case, the currency is the hryvnia, and then spent on goods in Ukraine. Part of the currency from migrant workers is investing in the construction and purchase of housing in Ukraine.

This again shows bezviz can do to ensure the growth of Ukraine’s economy. Is necessary for the EU not offended by Ukrainian migrant workers and not closed bezviz, he has that right. Still hope for an economic miracle in Ukraine is. The main thing is the miracle to do with their hands.