Zeman: “Journalists must be eliminated”

President Zeman is in China and feels there is freely — especially in the company of Communist leader XI Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin. At the meeting of Zeman with the correspondent of the newspaper “Komsomolskaya Pravda” Dmitry Smirnov took a short video where Czech and Russian presidents will exchange phrases about the journalists.

Milos Zeman: “there are other journalists? Journalists too much, it would be necessary to eliminate”. Vladimir Putin: “it is not necessary to Eliminate, reduce can.”

A shocking conversation. Immediately add to the ensuing outrage in social media responded to the press Secretary of the President Ovcacek. On Twitter he wrote: “Journalists and that they fundamentally don’t understand the severity. Now I’m looking for an incredibly outraged comments and reactions of outrage from politicians who like to curry favor with the media.”

Prague castle hastened to explain that it is “sharpness”. The President “joking” about what journalists should be eliminated. But the head of the Kremlin, former KGB officer Putin had not regarded it as a joke and suddenly remembering, chose to respond cautiously saying, it is better to reduce their number. (Unclear: he was referring to the number of journalists at a press conference, or at all.)

The President can’t joke about the elimination of people. No matter whether we are talking about the “dogs of democracy” or some other group of citizens. On the elimination of is simply not to be trifled with. (Is it connected somehow with the fact that Zeman has pardoned the murderer Cienega, which, as acknowledged by an independent court, killed two people?)

The urgency here is clearly not smell. Its disgusting statement Zeman buck to the Russian boss, his model, because, of course, knows how Putin refers to the journalists, or rather, as the Russian regime applies to the independent and rebellious journalists.

Since 1992 the Committee to protect journalists (Committee to Protect Journalist) is monitoring the situation in Russia and said that since there were killed 56 journalists, and the murder of 36 of them was directly related to their work, and only two murders (!) have been disclosed. That’s certainly the Russian media is no laughing matter.

Recently in April at the hospital of St. Petersburg died journalist Nicholas Andrusenko (73 years), participated in the creation of the newspaper “New Petersburg”. He was known for his critical view of Putin, wrote about corruption and human rights violations in Russia. 9 March on the way to a meeting, he was attacked by the unknown that he was severely beaten. Due to his injuries he died. According to his colleagues, the investigation is conducted carelessly, the authorities are not interested in it.

Again he shamed the Czech Republic in the EU

Everything, including, of course, President Zeman, you know about the murder of Anna Politkovskaya, who wrote critical articles about the regime and the war in Chechnya, which 11 years ago was shot in his home. In December 2012, of complicity in her murder was found guilty police officer Dmitry Pavlyuchenko, charges were brought against fellow Chechens Rustam, Ibragim and Jabrail Makhmudov, their relative Lom-Ali Gaitukayev and former police officer Sergei Hajikurbanov.

Joke on the elimination of journalists with Putin is like to make jokes with Bashar al-Assad about the murder of civilians in Syria with chemical weapons. It’s just unthinkable.

Zeman expressed his dislike of journalists, hostility to independent control of power. On the elimination of journalists, he said at the most inopportune moment, when the plenary of the European Parliament are preparing to debate a threat to Czech free media in connection with the case of Deputy Prime Minister Andrew Babish, more precisely, in connection with audio recordings of his meetings with journalist Pribila.

Question about the risk of political abuse of the media in the Czech Republic has made the strongest faction in the European Parliament — the European people’s party (EPP). Czech MEPs protest against the discussion, because they are sure that this mud we have to deal at home. MP from the Christian Democrats Tomas Stakhovsky noted that the similar discussion in the European Parliament will harm the Czech Republic: “the Czech Republic, which has long considered the economic tiger of the EU and is recognized as a very free country, in which all is well, they now carry the chain of command of the European colossus, to criticize and to treat her as some kind of, say, a Balkan country” — said the MEP.

Zeman is well known, the role of authoritative media play in exposing political scams, including investigations of subsidies in Antinoe nest and kroon bonds of Babish. Not the police and financial authorities, and journalists show who Babish. (And who are you, Zeman.)

Word on the elimination of journalists is disgusting and blatantly moreover, Zeman is in Communist China, where the opposition does not stand on ceremony, and on freedom of the media and not speak, and the more that these words were spoken in conversation with the President of the country, where the murder of journalists put on the conveyor.

Zeman, apparently, sometimes loses control over what he says. We observed human actions which the Chairman of the Senate Milan Stech compared with the behavior of the “ancient elders, physical and mental condition leaves much to be desired”. Exactly. Unfortunately.