Beijing pressure from Putin

In Beijing on 15 may ended a two-day international forum on “One belt and one road”. The leaders of 29 States and the heads of important international organizations were invited to China to, in fact, approve the expansion plans of global Chinese influence on the geopolitics and trade. Russian President Vladimir Putin, one of the most important guests of the forum, said here keynote speech that actually had both again criticised the Western concept of world order and to question all intentions of China.

“One belt and one road” stands for the dual concept of Economic belt silk road and the Maritime silk road of XXI century, which the Chairman of the people’s Republic of China XI Jinping spoke for the first time in 2013, immediately after coming to power. Three route Economic belt of the silk road: the North — from China via Central Asia and Russia to Northern Europe, Central — from China through Central Asia to the Middle East and the Mediterranean, and South from China to Southeast Asia and to the Indian ocean. The Maritime silk road of the XXI century implies the routes from the Chinese ports in the Indian ocean and on to Europe, but also in the entire region of the Pacific ocean. According to the plans of Beijing for that in the future you should create a new and improve old trade routes, industrial parks, economic and transport corridors that will link more than 60 countries.

XI Jinping promised to donate 124 billion dollars. Speaking to an audience, in which were the President of Russia Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Chinese President assured that his plan is not “simply an attempt to promote Chinese influence in the world.” Si is also actively defended the idea of globalization, arguing indirectly, with the statements of the President of the United States Donald trump, who promised to make “America first” in international trade and relations.

Vladimir Putin said that Russia supports the strategic plans of China and intends to actively participate in them — while emphasizing that the integration processes mentioned by Chinese leader, it is very difficult to implement and that they must rely on “generally accepted rules”. Following his meeting with XI Jinping, to be held July 4, when the head of China will arrive in Moscow on an official visit.

The Russian President in Beijing actually talked a lot about the concepts of “Eurasia” and “Eurasian”, especially in the keynote speech, which he delivered on may 14. As suggested by the scientist-sinologist, head of the School of Oriental studies at the Higher school of Economics Alexey Maslov, his performance gives a lot of work and traditional analysts, and inveterate conspiracy theorists — ranging from the need of creating a “great Eurasian partnership” with the participation of the European Union and to understand to whom appeals “to renounce its military rhetoric, to overcome the stagnation in global development”. As, however, and the statements of the President XI Jinping: