What are the problems of the Ukrainian authorities showed a naked prankster on “Eurovision”

Song contest “Eurovision-2017”, which recently ended in Ukraine was marked by the offensive outburst from fans: during a speech Jamala in the final of the musical competition on stage has popped up Prancer and demonstrated live its ass. The trick became the subject of debate in the highest government offices, say, the Ukraine’s image suffered serious damage, and now the prankster could face up to 5 years imprisonment. Adequately whether the punishment a perfect act, find out the “Apostrophe”.

Lobster will and Kim

The hooligan ran onto the stage, wrapped in the national flag of Australia, which is why the media, who first gave news about the incident, called it a fan representing the Green continent. It was later revealed that the wag — a citizen of Ukraine Vitaly Seduc, which is known far outside the country for his controversial antics. For example, in 2012 in Moscow, Seduc climbed kiss to will Smith, for which he received from the actor a slap in the face. A year later, at the ceremony of the Grammy Seduc ran on stage to get the award instead of British singer Adele. In addition, unwitting participants in performances of Ukrainian prankster at different times became Hollywood stars of the first echelon: Bradley Cooper, star of “Titanic” Leonardo Di Caprio, brad pitt, singer Ciara and Kim Kardashian, who Seduc then cut down to the ground, then tried to kiss her buttocks.

It is noteworthy that what would be scandalous antics nor implemented Seduc, serious problems with the law in Europe and the United States the bully was not. Even after the attack on brad pitt, American justice is just banned from the prankster to get closer to celebrities closer than 150 meters.

But it seems that relations with the Ukrainian law enforcers to Seduce will not be so carefree. Demonstration of buttocks live Netpolice qualified as regards 3 articles 296 UK of Ukraine “Hooliganism”, and now the prankster could face up to 5 years imprisonment. This was announced by interior Minister Arsen Avakov.

According to ex-Femen activists Yana zhdanovoj, which has been the focus of attention of law enforcement officers around the world after Nude protest, 5 years to Seduce inadequate punishment. “Unfortunately, neither the revolution nor the change of government, nor the signing of the Association agreement with the EU, nor even agreement on visa-free regime has not brought Ukrainian society to the European way of thinking, says “Apostrophe” placement. — A fundamental value in European society, is man and his freedom to Express myself. I hardly can imagine that in France (now Zhdanov lives in Paris — “Apostrophe”), a man threatened to 5 years in prison, for what he is during the concert ass showed. What a bullshit! I think it was just an innocent joke. To put a man in jail because he’s just having fun? We’re not in North Korea. The inadequacy of the impending punishment is just insane, even for the post-Soviet world is prudish too.”

Yana Zhdanova adds that even with “the bloody dictator Yanukovych,” her as an activist of the Femen, naked protests never punished by long prison terms. “I have, not counting the opening of criminal cases, the maximum was 15 days of administrative arrest after the attack on Patriarch Kirill. And this despite the fact that the action was of a political nature,” she explained.

However, in Ukraine the entertaining song contest “Eurovision”, for all its glamour, just given the huge political and image value. It’s easy to understand the reaction of the President to trick Seduce. “Tens of thousands of people, including volunteers, made super to not just make this holiday, and to show Ukraine to the world. And here emerges one, excuse the word, an ass that thinks that this is exactly what the world needs to see from Ukraine”, — said Poroshenko.

In the end, the Ukrainian government has driven itself into a corner, if the contest was not raised on a shield as “Peremoga” the whole country, and the attitude would be like a normal music concert, the image of the country did not suffer. For example, football fans onto the field during important matches almost every season. Well-known Catalan sports bully Jimmy Jump jumped on the field in the final of Euro 2004 in the midst of the match between Portugal and Greece. Affected the image of Portugal as the host country of the Euro? About the only trick Jampa knowledgeable historians okolofutbolnyh movements, and the event that do remember that day around the world, the victory of Greece in the final of the Euros.

But in a situation of excessive politicization to punish the bully, podmahivala the reputation of the state that is “super” organized the Eurovision song contest for Ukrainian law enforcement — a matter of honor. However, organizers of the song contest do not think that hooliganism Seduce is able to affect the image of Ukraine. “The guy who did it, of course, he is mentally unstable, and for him it is very important to deal with such things — says “Apostrophe” one of the organizers of “Eurovision” Denis Blewinsky. But as for Ukraine’s image, then such inadequate are a lot of people in each country. In addition, this same man took an active part in different events in Europe and America, and this image of these countries is not affected. From the antics can only hurt the image of the security structure that were related to the safety of the contest and made such a incident. I don’t think that Ukraine as a country is have to do with anything”.

Yes, and the Seduc says that he tested the reliability of the protection of “Eurovision”. “And if my place was a man with a knife rushed to Jamal?” — noted on the court Prancer.

Hints Minister

In reality, the blow to Ukraine’s image has caused no prank Vitaly Seduce (in Europe, long accustomed to publicly bare the body), and the response to the controversial performance of interior Minister Arsen Avakov, who called the prankster, an idiot and hinted that they would do in jail other detainees. “The shame of the country, will be able to exercise their “hobby” in a prison cell of temporary detention center. However, to show the backside of the local inhabitants, enjoying their “hobby”, I wouldn’t advise it,” — said Avakov.

This statement provoked a storm of indignation in social networks. Responded even in the presidential Administration. “The Minister of internal Affairs of the European democratic countries can not intimidate the citizen, even the perpetrator, of bullying in prison and can’t brag on FB, recognizing a priori what’s going on in our prison,” — said the head of the Department of local government and decentralization Vladimir Kurennoy.

Agrees with him and human rights activist Eduard Bagirov. “The statement of Avakov said that the interior Minister is well aware of the prison of tradition, and knows that the people who behave this way (as Seduc — “Apostrophe”), can get into the caste of “offended”. It is a separate caste in the prison system, which performs the dirty work, cleans the toilets, and sometimes satisfy the sexual needs of other prisoners, says “Apostrophe” expert. But the statements of the Minister incorrect. What is happening in the prison system, the prisoners, and the humiliation of human dignity, is a violation of the criminal law and the Minister of internal Affairs not to name a possible situation for detainees or suspects that they are in jail waiting for sexual harassment”.

And while the threat of Arsen Avakov to Seduce remain only threats. Dneprovsky regional court during the investigation of Prancer released on personal recognizance, setting a fine of 6 thousand 400 hryvnias, if Seduc violate the conditions of his release: will be held outside of the capital or fail to appear for questioning on demand of the investigator.