Annoyingly careful Oscar 2017

A small misunderstanding at the end of the ceremony, when the film “La La land” briefly became “the Best film of the year” until the error is not discovered, was a pleasant touch of spontaneity in the course of awarding the prize “Oscar”. The ceremony was so sad right that even planned improvisation, inviting tourists to a party of award ceremony looked like a nasty trick on a TV show.

Criticism remains Jimmy Kimmel (Jimmy Kimmel): he remained vigilant during the whole of the action, but all the time played by the rules, is not a step to breaking the bounds of the. The ceremony of awarding the prize “Oscar” for a long time is seamless, moderately conservative, so that’s all wonder why it began to look less. Not because most grossing movies do not get nominations, but because the ceremony “Oscar” collects all the best stars together and the damn thing won’t let them. Like, instead of the Kentucky Derby viewers are invited to admire the thoroughbred horses harnessed instead of scrap.

Was unfortunate that the spectacular mistake at the end of the evening, immediately diverted all the attention of the audience from the film “Moonlight”, one of the best in the history of films-laureates in the nomination “the Best film”. This award is a credit to the Academy, but a miss is as little impact on the actual victory of the film, as a famous error in the headline of the Chicago Daily Tribune influenced the electoral victory of President Harry Truman. I am happy that the victory was won by the film “Moonlight”, and amazed that the best Director was Shazell Damien (Damien Chazelle), but not Barry Jenkins (Barry Jenkins). But most of all it struck me that in our violent time the ceremony was uttered many speeches that sounded as if life goes on as usual.

Kimmel in his monologue touched on some powerful, politically-satirical notes, such as when he greeted Isabelle Huppert (Isabelle Huppert) (“I am glad that the internal security service allowed you to enter the country”), or, especially, in the retreat about “extremely overrated Meryl Streep”, after which he said: “by the Way, beautiful dress, would that be from the collection of Ivanka?” But listening to this monologue, I also wondered if Kimmel dilutes the atmosphere of the event instead of create it, not if he tries to discharge the total voltage, hoping and hoping that the rest of the evening will be peaceful. This, then, in General, happen.

In a pre-prepared speech of the winner in the nomination “Best foreign film” by Asghar Farhadi (Asghar Farhadi), read by American engineer of Iranian origin, the Anush Ansari (Anousheh Ansari), was a powerful condemnation of the “inhumane law against immigrants entering the US” and hostility, which can serve as “deceptive justification of aggression and war”.

Gael Garcia Bernal (Gael Garcia Bernal) has opposed plans for the construction of a wall on the border with Mexico, and Ezra Edelman (Ezra Edelman), received the award as the Director of “Best documentary” “O. J.: made in America,” spoke about “victims of police lawlessness, violence resulting from racial bias and the criminal lack of justice”.

Barry Jenkins (Barry Jenkins) sublime was talking about the Academy and the Union for the protection of civil liberties. Turell Alvin Mccrane (Tarell Alvin McCraney) said “about two guys from liberty city here on the stage represent Miami.” In his impassioned speech viola Davis (Viola Davis) stressed that through the political implications of dramatic art is able to “bring people and their stories.”

Kimmel even teased the President on Twitter: on the screen above his head was broadcast an image of his mobile phone, but overall the evening was a model of professional courtesy and restrained indignation. While the new administration of the President fell below any conceivable level, Hollywood is gradually raised at a glamorous height. A strange spirit vital this evening in the gym: the fear that Hollywood could become a major victim of the regime trump.

One of the most striking features of the film is that liberal Hollywood provides entertainment both for Democrats and for Republicans. The Fox News can spew propaganda for the Republican party and other politicians of the right wing, but many of the films, the distributor of which is the Fox as liberal as others (take, for example, “Hidden shapes”), and Fox Searchlight released “the Birth of a nation” and “the United Kingdom”. There is no film in the spirit of Breitbart, which would have made a significant breakthrough in this business. And in that view of Hollywood and wants to keep the status quo. The cautious atmosphere was connected with the desire to resist the calls for a boycott, discourage the establishment of alternative “Conserved”.

Far be it from me to give anyone advice on how should Express its political outrage. Best of the best artists of his time, such as Jenkins and Kenneth Lonergan (Kenneth Lonergan), which won an Oscar for best original screenplay for the film “Manchester by the sea”, can do is to continue to make movies. The very nature of public (and in this sense also social) life is to not to say everything that’s on your mind.

Graceful sham, which consist of the speeches delivered at the previous ceremony of “Oscar”, mainly to suppress personal feelings and hostility. This year, and this is evident even from the television broadcasts, the hall was loaded to the extreme just and righteous wrath seemed to result in thunder and lightning-sharp attacks. I can understand why they remained largely suppressed. But it is worth remembering that Freud said about mistakes: they hide unspoken and repressed desires. This year the ceremony was concluded with the most spectacular in the light of Freudian slip.