Agents of influence and useful idiots in the service

If you paid attention, how cleverly and effectively he began working in Russia in Moldova? I’m not kidding, really clever and effective.

Get what you want — the creation of a strong faction of Pro-Russian party (psrm) in Parliament and the election of the leader of Pro-Russian forces Igor Dodon, the President of Moldova, Russia did not increase its promotional campaign in our country. The elections are still far away. So, I decided in the Kremlin, better yet to slow down. In addition, there is a danger that the authorities of Moldova were dissatisfied with the intervention of the Russian media in internal Affairs, is finally settled and the ban on television channels broadcasting in Moldova from Russia, propaganda programs (the so-called news and political shows).

I am sure that the situation will change dramatically in 2018. Especially, we feel it in the summer / fall of 2018, when it will include all outreach and resources, as in Russia, and in Moldova, working in the interests of Russia and Pro-Russian political forces.

In the meantime, using agents of influence and various useful idiots, they decided to weaken the ruling Pro-European forces, acting in Moldova and abroad.

On the conceptual apparatus. Agents of influence are those of the person in Moldova who operate under the guise of (politicians, experts, journalists, public figures, etc.) consistently, in the interests of their masters, are pursuing a policy of destabilization, destroy political stability, split civil society. For useful idiots, I’ll take some politicians and representatives of civil society for their own ends, ready for any steps that may lead to the weakening of the current government. The impact of these steps they are not interested, or maybe they just can’t count.

Today, the efforts of agents of influence and useful idiots, are aimed at breaking the political and financial relations of Moldova with the EU and the USA.

Their actions.

There was an attempt to break the relationship between Moldova and Romania. And, most importantly, to prevent the allocation from the Romania soft credit and humanitarian aid to Moldova. The attempt failed, but the work on the Romanian direction continues.

Efforts were made to sever relations between Moldova and the International monetary Fund. And the attempt failed. The IMF concluded an Agreement with Moldova and opened our country’s credit line. And it was a positive signal to other international financial and political organizations for cooperation and assistance to Moldova.

A new attempt. Upholstered rapids Washington, Brussels and European capitals. One goal is to convince to cease cooperation with Moldova, to cease to provide our country with financial assistance.

Let us ask ourselves a question. Who would win if the USA and Europe stop supporting the Pro-European government in Moldova?

The answer is simple — to win the supporters of Russia wins the Pro-Russian party. Moldova will remain alone with Russia and are unlikely to be able to stand against “coercion to friendship” from the Kremlin.

We will not analyze the actions of agents of influence. They know what they are doing and why you do it all.

Difficult to calculate the logic of the “useful idiots”. Why all this Maya Sandu, Andrei Nastase, stated. What they will get from the victory of the party of socialists in 2018 and care of Moldavia under the Russian protectorate? What they promised? What arguments lead agents of influence, pushing them to these steps?

The answer is no. But they will come. Manuscripts do not burn.