What words to hear each child from their parents

Each child wants to hear from their parents words of support and encouragement, which, moreover, can help it to develop.

“Love you even when…”

“I love you, even when you’re angry”, “Love you even when we fight”, “Love you even when I’m in a bad mood” – if the situation is tense, these words can bring the conversation to a peaceful course. As long as the child understands that the parents love him unconditionally.

“How do you come up with cool!”

Praise help to believe in themselves, but there are nuances. A statement of the child’s success like “Oh! Well, you fellow!” can kill interest and incentive to develop, say psychologists.

Child may decide that he and the way it turns out, as it “already done”. Psychologists suggest to add: “you see, the more you train, the better you get”.

“It was interesting for me to play with you”

Should tell the child what exactly they like, mentioning the achievements of his “Soroka”. Playing with the child, the parents at least show him that communicating with him is important to them. The importance of communication with the child psychologists recommend to confirm out loud, to enhance this effect.