It headlong rushed into the debate: “In the South, we are acting like trolls”

Traditionally, Norwegians, Danes, Swedes and Brits every summer, drawn to warmer climes — just like migratory birds. Favorite places of rest for many are those island pearls, like Majorca, KOs, Cyprus and Rhodes, where you can get everything from exciting nightlife to stunning architecture and history.

But to respect this nuance can not please everyone. In many places the “natives” just got behave rude tourists, buying real estate and constantly drunk. Juaneda hospital in Palma (Palma) annually receives about 1.5 million Scandinavian patients. The reason for the hospitalization of many lies in the abuse of alcohol.

The local inhabitants of many tropical resorts held a demonstration against mass tourism. However, the manner of the Scandinavians behave on holiday “got” not only them. Skovdal Hilde (Hilde Skovdahl), which became popular thanks to the successful movie “Charter fever” (Charterfeber) shown by the TV channel TV-3 that believes that everything has to be a limit.

“Make noise and get drunk”

“Local kind of lost all interest. I was in Magaluf in 2009, and there to engage in any contact with local people was absolutely impossible. They are sick of us. And the police just dropped his hands,” she says and continues:

“One day I stay in the room and tried to get a man, but when I called the front Desk to explain what is my problem, the receptionist said they can not do anything. When I asked to call me to the police, she just laughed and said that the police never will do it,” says Skavdal.

“Hilda Charter” has created a name for himself through travel, both individual and as a member of TV programs. She believes that the lack of respect, which the Norwegians and representatives of other Nations demonstrate, when they’re on vacation — a real tragedy.

“Frankly, I enjoy life but in moderation, because there are limits to what you can afford, while in other countries. We in Norway like to complain about foreigners and tourists, but it is necessary for us to go somewhere, constraining the centers disappear somewhere,” she says.

You need to pull yourself together

Skovdal had a chance to see how moved the noisy tourists in the restaurant, then spew out of yourself drunk and almost unconscious lying on the side of the road. She thinks it was better before.

“Then all the decorum and calmly sat himself on the plane, maybe grabbing a drink. And when they reached the destination, sunbathed, enjoyed life for two weeks, and then just as politely and calmly served out of warm places. Now the tours have become so cheap that to go on holiday with anyone, and the goal was to vandalize and drink as much as possible”, — said saleperson and adds that “many Norwegians behave in the South, as the trolls”.

The problem, in her opinion, lies in the fact that the Norwegians to buy property on the island pearls. About 23 thousands of Norwegians have a property in Spain, in Sweden, the property is almost 19 thousand, and 4 thousand — in Turkey. Skovdal emphasizes that we must respect the local population.

“If we do not take ourselves in hand, all over the fact that we simply lose your opportunity to travel to these amazing countries. In our world already have enough wars, we should not disturb the good relations behaving in an indecent abroad,” — said the TV star.

It compares the above trend with the problem of plastic polluting the oceans, and considers that we must act “immediately, before we lose the opportunity to swim or enjoy the flora and fauna of the sea. It would be a disaster”.

The long struggle

Last week Dagbladet published several reports and articles about hate which excite the tourists. Geologist Gerard Howe (Gerard Hau) said that the Scandinavians have bought all accommodation in Santa Catalina (Santa Catalina), and that local now just not enough money to live there.

Last year Dagbladet wrote about the Spanish resort island of Ibiza, local authorities there reported that the resort is simply no way to accept so many people. Head of tourism Department of the local administration said that soon they will have water, and that they can no longer accept so many tourists.

Earlier this summer, the tourism chief said that they asked the EU to stop the flow of alcohol to kill those already dead drunk coming off the plane.

According to the researchers, in Mallorca every summer for one local resident has 20 tourists, tourism on the island remains an important sector of the economy.

For Norwegians favorite vacation spot is Spain, closely followed by Denmark. According to one of the polls in Spain this year will go half a million Norwegians.

Professor Dewing Runar (Runar Døving) of the Department of marketing, University College “Christiania” has conducted several studies on the Southern and habits of the Norwegians on vacation. He says that the loud protests of the local population are not something new that when he conducted research in the same field 25 years ago, it was exactly the same.

“The inhabitants of Northern Europe rather unpleasant drinking culture. They get drunk every weekend or every day when on vacation. Man caught in place with cheap and easily accessible alcohol, unattractive to others,” says Professor in an interview with Dagbladet.

Need borders

However, he said, it’s not only tourists, but also those who create the conditions that makes this possible. He believes that everything starts at the airport.

“It all depends on local laws, but it is clear that we are talking about simple greed. If the aircraft carry a cheap drink, this is bad. If the company, existing at the expense of Charter tourism, was not so greedy, then maybe travelling would behave better,” he says and continues:

“Of course, hotels are also interested in the fact that you, stopping them, would drink and so would spend more money on something that is not at all necessary. Here it is necessary to raise the price of alcohol to a greater extent and to regulate the places where it is allowed to drink. Thus, it is possible to give limited people opportunities,” he explains.

To “South” functioned normally, the “hunters for profit” would do well to learn what the Professor calls a “Spanish model”. Unlike the Greek model, where the “South” grows luxuriantly in small towns, and eventually tourists, they simply annexed the Spanish wall areas where “South” can exist freely.

“If we allow the “South” was everywhere, then, without doubt, will emerge. But if, on the contrary, to collect all the tourists in one place, in a sort of “bubble”, then it is justified. It is here that the authorities should intervene and if he wants to deal with the problems,” says the Professor.

Dewing explains that can also be adjusted and how tourists will buy or rent a house via Airbnb, to create a zone where it will be forbidden to build hotels, and get local politicians to put an end to the Scandinavians of the local housing.

“If you read the Spanish Newspapers, you will understand that they belong to the dual problem. Mass tourism they don’t like, but they still like to have a lot of new jobs and a strong economy. Then you just have to find a compromise,” he says at the end of the conversation.