Insurance companies in Ukraine are trying to lessen the cost of CASCO

To attract drivers and to increase the sale of policies of insurance, Ukrainian insurance companies began to invent new ways to reduce the cost of auto insurance. In particular, becoming more popular affiliate programs with car dealers and discounts for certain car, writes UBR.

“The prices for certain makes and models of cars can be reduced by 20%,” — said the press Secretary of the insurance company Alexander Melnychuk.

The second method is not yet so popular, and this year alone will be actively implemented by companies. It was called “smart insurance”: reduced fee for the hull is provided after the analysis of the driving. Moreover, insurers are not repelled from the information about the accident, and from data about the manner of driving. They put on a car tracking device (bug), which collects data on average speed, which the driver prefers, his maneuvers, use time machine, etc. And after analyzing all this information, the insurance company calculates an individual rate. For people accustomed to quiet driving who don’t like scorch, he is below average.

“Today, 2 – 3 companies can afford the financial and intellectual investment in such projects. But in the long term insurance products based on telematics devices have become the norm”, — assured the head of retail sales ASC “INGO Ukraine” Michael buss.

It is expected that a couple or three years, “smart” bugs will be equipment not less than 25% of the cars and their owners will be able to qualify for discounts.

Meanwhile, the average insurance rate for a new car from the salon is located within a 3.5 – 5% of the value. Owners of cars aged up to four years lay out insurers to 5 – 7% and the cars over — all up to 8 – 9%.

To retain customers, SK give discounts to those who extend their insurance after the expiration of the term of the contract CASCO. And offer a familiar motorists bonuses. Such as free evacuation of the car in case of breakdown or crash, wheel change, fuel delivery and even the advice of a doctor or Concierge services.

“If the car was evacuated for technical reasons, insurance can arrange a courtesy car or taxi at the time of repair of the vehicle. Also hull have already included medical expenses coverage that protect the car owner behind the wheel, and when he is a passenger in another car or just a pedestrian,” examples Melnychuk.

However, even with all these discounts, not every driver can spend on the hull, especially if it is not самыq cheap car. As for the cars of the middle class the cost of insurance can reach 30 – 40 thousand UAH.

To understate, drivers are encouraged to take more responsibility for themselves — will agree to a deductible larger. And it’s not only a 5% deductible for theft, which for long years had to get used to (insurers rarely agree to a zero deductible for this part). But on the same franchise for the accident.

To persuade clients, they are reminded of the economy, which according to Melnichuk, even with minimal emergency deductibles can give up to 20 to 30% discount. However, no matter how pleasant was the discount policy, we should not forget about the risks, and that in the case of accidents or theft will have to pay a considerable amount out of pocket. It’s because the insurers agree to cheaper policies — because they will pay less later.

“The best option — 0.5% of the deductible for damage to cars and 5% for stealing. Then, for the insured car, for example, estimated at 100 thousand UAH, in case of any accident the driver himself will pay 500 UAH. It is a small amount, especially when the car received significant damage and the damage amounts to tens or hundreds of thousands of hryvnia,” — said Melnychuk.

Up to 10 – 20% you can save on the hull, selecting an incomplete set of risks. For example, drivers with garages don’t pay for the risk of theft of the machine from any location.

However, people do not often use such opportunities and try to err on any occasion. According to the Director of the Department of underwriting and methodology of PJSC “Insurance company” Universal” Sergei Palamarchuk, in 90% of cases the drivers choose all the risks on the hull.

“When a person spends a large amount of the policy, then wants to get full protection,” he explained.

Also very popular was installment when you pay hull: it can be paid by semester, quarterly, and in some cases even monthly. However, it will be more expensive. Insurers don’t like to wait for their money, because it introduced the principle — the longer the time cost of the policy, the more expensive it is. The issue price can reach 5 – 8%.

To insure or not to insure

However, price is not the only issue for buyers of insurance. Not less than they are worried about another issue — payment of dues. After all, the Ukrainian insurers have not disposed of your old sins: delaying the timing of payments and understating the cost of repairs. Only a few large companies within the payments within 16 to 30 days. Especially on cars in the medium price category (up to 30 – 40 thousand dollars), and luxury cars, where any failure costs a big amount.

In addition, many of the UK, to avoid ships with customers, spelled out in their contracts the right to defer payment. It can reach 60 – 90 days.

While insurance companies continue to season their contracts of insurance lists of insurance exceptions. They are not only drunk driving, or delay once payment for the insurance, but also traffic violations. If the financiers were to find fault with the obvious things (like crossing the double solid lines on the road), now began to punish people for violations of the rules of journey of crossroads and exits speeding. Because drivers do not stop to think about the necessity to purchase policies from companies not paying for their mistakes.