How to choose the meter on gas not to overpay

The majority of Ukrainians using gas only for cooking. 70% of natural gas, which uses the population, burned the gas stove. What, a third of such consumers counters are not established, and 19% are paid on houses, not flats counters, reads the data of the national Commission. The law, as explained by the Minister sotspolitiki Andrey Reva, is provided door-to-door installation of meters. The law “On commercial accounting of gas,” said all of the counters needs to be in 2018.

Already this year, which has a counter that will depend on the price of gas. At the moment, the Ukrainians are paying for every cubic meters of gas and 6.9 of the hryvnia. NKREKU identifies 13% in the structure of gas prices (80 cents) – the cost of transportation and distribution, says the head of Dmitry NKREKU wolf. Officials propose to divide the rate for each cubic meter used to pay six hryvnia + regardless of the volume of consumption of a fixed amount (“monthly fee”). While wolf notes that in the resolution the word “fee” is never mentioned, the innovation is called “fee for transportation and distribution”.

“Consumers always pay for the transportation and distribution, and now it’s in the tariff. In the structure of prices, their share is only 13%. It’s 80 cents per cubic meter (a six hryvnia for gas as a commodity, approx. ed.). The law “On gas market” provides for payment of all services as per capacity. As for transportation, for power, for the storage capacity, distribution capacity,” says the national Commission.

The introduction of a payment for capacity (the”monthly fee”) – the issue has been resolved by law. Now officials are discussing how to consider it. If under the existing methodology, which had planned to introduce in April of this year and which still remains the only approved, it all depends on the maximum power of the meter, in the new regulation offer a more beneficial for the consumer conditions – to be considered at the rated capacity of the meter. The cost of license fee will range between 40 to 60 hryvnia.

32% of families in high-rise buildings with hot water and heating are paid on houses counters. Because of this system, some Ukrainians pay “for the neighbor”. So, if the apartment is registered to one person, but in fact it is home, for example, five, they will pay as for one person. And spend five times more. All the used gas is considered the primary counter. So to pay for it anyway.

There are three types of gas meters over a range of operating costs: G4 G2,5 G1,6. If the apartment is gas used only for cooking (there is a gas stove), plenty of counter G1,6. If there is a stove and gas geyser G2,5, if there is gas heating, you need a counter G4. The more powerful the counter, the more fee. It is therefore important that, for example, in an apartment with one gas hob was not counter G4, otherwise you’ll have to overpay. As explained in NKREKU, the Ukrainians have the right to choose and change the counter yourself.