How much sex is needed for happiness: an interesting study results

Sex should be three to four times a week to increase the level of happiness and satisfaction with the relationship with the partner.

This tells the expert in the field of sex and relationships Tracey Cox, who analyzed the results of studies on the subject of how the quantity and regularity of sex affect the level of happiness of the partners, to determine how much sex actually need to be happy, reports “New time”.

Tracey Cox, who has an academic degree in psychology, which has produced more than 10 books, States that on partner’s sexual relationship is affected by many factors. In particular, the sex expert said that the amount of sex, of course, affects the level of happiness of the partners, however, may not be the main indicator of a happy relationship.

“Libido, physical form, stage of the relationship, levels of stress, depression, menopause, chronic disease, alcohol use, irritability, anger, fatigue – we are all human, not robots, so our lives, including the sexual, have a strong influence different, sometimes beyond our control factors,” she says.

Cox analyzed the results of various studies on the number, sex, and the result determined the optimal amount of sex for happiness. According to the results of a study on the frequency of sex and well-being of couples held in 2015, the Australian psychologists from the University of Toronto MISSISSAUGA, average couples have sex once a week.

“Research psychologists and other experts, as well as, for example, the book Natural barrier, written by three distinguished U.S. scientists, including sexologist pepper Schwartz, talking about what makes happy couples regular sex. If we talk about quantity, that three or four times a week, the authors of the studies call a perfect figure associated with the maximum levels of happiness partners,” says Cox, adding that in relation to the quantity and quality of sex it is important to be realistic and not dwell on data scientists and adapting to their way of life.