Fathers worried about the little daughters more than the sons – scientists

Men who have recently become fathers are more worried and concerned about daughters than sons.

It found the scientists examined the brain activity of men. The results were published in the journal Behavioral Neuroscience.

In research took part 52 newly minted father. For several days, they wore a device that recorded conversations with the child, and then underwent magnetic resonance imaging, during which I saw pictures of adults and children, including their own, with different facial expression — from joyful to weeping.

In this area of the brain responsible for face recognition, remuneration and the regulation of emotion, was more active than the fathers of girls when they saw their daughters.

It is noteworthy that the researchers found and other features. So, in the brain of the fathers of the daughters of the most active regions were responsible for values and emotions. In addition, the fathers of the girls, communicating with them, often used the vocabulary related to physicality and negative emotions, and fathers of boys — words related to success and development.

Obviously, such a difference in dealing with a child partially forms his identity in the future, the researchers note.