U.S. markets closed lower on expectation of new orders, trump

Main US stock indexes on Monday fell mainly in the “red zone” on the background of investors ‘ expectations of new measures of the US President Donald trump and news companies, according to the auction.

Industrial index Dow Jones has decreased on 0,09% — to 20052,42 points, the index of high-tech companies NASDAQ fell 0.06% to 5663,55 points, the index of wide market S&P 500 by 0.21% to 2292,56 points.

Investors await whether the U.S. President to fulfill his promises to lower taxes and fiscal incentives. Last week, trump has signed two Executive orders, involving the introduction of changes to Dodd-Frank, which limits the access to financial resources of the country, and to protect growth and consumer confidence.

However, market participants are concerned about tensions after the decree of the trump, which prohibits entry into the US for 90 days to citizens of seven countries, and suspends the reception of any refugees in 120 days and prohibits indefinitely the admission of refugees from Syria.

Net profit of one of the largest companies on manufacture of toys to Hasbro in 2016 increased by 19.3% yoy, to 533,151 million dollars, revenues reached 5,019 billion dollars (growth by 12.8%).

Investors also paid attention to the news that the head of the jewelry company Tiffany & Co Cumanal Frederic (Frederic Cumenal) left his post. Who will take this position, is still unknown.

“Today’s trade on hold after growth in the absence of significant news,” — said the Agency MarketWatch, senior portfolio Manager at TCW Diana Jaffe (Diane Jaffee).

Later this week, will publish their reports, companies such as Gilead Sciences, Walt Disney and Coca-Cola.