Salvador Sobral defeated and changed the “Eurovision”

The sensational victory of the representative of Portugal at the “Eurovision-2017” in Kiev raised the competition to a new level. At “Eurovision” won’t show, and the song. A report DW.

Salvador Sobral — disheveled hair, tied in a sloppy beam, baggy coat, scanty beard, and the craziness in his brown eyes. It looks like the 27-year-old winner of “Eurovision-2017”. He spoke not on the main stage of the competition in Kiev, stuffed with LEDs, spotlights and other equipment, without which it can not do any modern concert, and the adventitious, located in the center of the room, in the middle of the audience.

For most of the public, as for the one in Saturday night gathered in front of the screens television, Eurovision is first and foremost a giant fun party. Her people come dressed-up and painted like a carnival. What a soulful voice, what charm you need to have to with such anti-glamour appearance to silence, even if only for three minutes, and 9,300 gathered in Kiev’s International exhibition center. And Eurovision again, as last year in Stockholm, opted not spectacular show, and the song and its execution.

“Music is a feeling”

“Music — not the fireworks, music is feeling,” said the winner of “Eurovision-2017”, coming on the scene with the crystal microphone. His he received for an intimate performance of jazz love songs with elements of Fado “Amar pelos dois”. Fado music sounded on “Eurovision”, but did not win, it still was not the winner of the Portugal. A song for Salvador Sobral wrote to his sister Louise. It was the first rehearsal in Kiev replaced him on stage. It is no coincidence that brother and sister appeared to her at the end of the finale together.

Gathered in the bookmakers for a long time was the second. And only the day before the final they put on his victory. Like an athlete preparing for an important competition, Gathered from stage to stage, to show all that capable, in the right day. This exposure is not enough merry and Italian Francesco Gabbani, the favorite of the bookies and the majority of journalists accredited to the competition. But Gabbani just burned out, finishing in the 6th place.

In Kiev, he readily joked with journalists and fans, took selfies with them and the fans, embodied all the known clichés about Italy. But Gabbani just tired of being the favorite. On stage in Kiev, he did not show half of what was demonstrated at the contest in San Remo, which effortlessly won before. Its ironic dance song “Occidentali”s Karma” is mocking the human tendency to imitate Western fashion phenomena.

Young — not green

Task failed Gabbani, he unveiled the youngest participant, 17-year-old Kristian Kostov from Bulgaria. The same as two years ago in Vienna, Polina Gagarina, he sang his ballad “Beautiful Mess” as though he’s singing for the last time. Born and raised in Moscow, Christian was rewarded for this high points of the national jury and the audience.

© European Broadcasting Union/Eurovision Thomas Napetosti 2017 from Bulgaria Kristian Kostov

This time the jury and the public, in contrast to the “Eurovision 2016” in Stockholm, agreed in the choice of the winner and silver medalist. But third place, Moldova is a real, albeit understandable surprise. SunStroke Projekt with the song “Hey Mamma” was destined to be a favorite of the audience: catchy tune, simple choreography, fun show with three backup singers, and dresses that on stage turn into a wedding. SunStroke Projekt — retsedivisty “Eurovision”. In 2010, the band performed in Oslo and it took only 22-th place. However, the solo sax by Sergei Stepanov from the speech became a hit on YouTube. Stepanov scored at this time.

It is worth noting the success of 17-year-old Blanche from Belgium. Her electro-pop song “City Lights” — the most modern on this year’s “Eurovision”, and she had the only one in the song contest has a chance to become a hit, which will be played on the radio.

New scandal on “the Eurovision”?

Germany only by a hair was from a repetition of the fiasco of the last two years. Song Levins (Levina) “Perfect life” for just one point — 6 to 5 — ahead of the Spaniard Manuela Navarro with “Do it for you lover”, the last place finisher. And it is really in the song and not performed. I feel sorry for the 24th — third from last — the Ukrainian group O. Torvald.

Not done in the final of the competition in Kiev, and without ugly scenes. During the performance of the winner of “Eurovision” last year, Jamala, which brought the contest to Kiev — one of the spectators with the flag of Australia on his shoulders, jumped on stage and had time before he tied the guard to expose the loin part of the body. It was hardly a political act.

Meanwhile I wonder how the leadership of the European broadcasting Union, the copyright holder of “Eurovision”, will interpret the greeting “Glory to Ukraine!”. Said it live the representative of Lithuania, which announced the evaluation of the professional jury of this country. Political slogans and statements are prohibited during the competition. And this salutation in itself bears no political statement. But in the context in which it is usually used, makes clear what its position was pronouncing it. Another political scandal on “the Eurovision” programmed?