American extremists want a new cold war

If Donald trump after the inauguration of the President will not be able to curb the “shadow government”, intelligence organizations, billionaires who donated to the campaign Clinton and fanatics in Congress, the new cold war is inevitable. If you saw in the Senate Committee interviewed Rex Tillerson (Rex Tillerson), the candidate nominated by the trump for the post of Secretary, you must have noticed that not only Democrats, but some Republicans are taking Russia for the Soviet Union and Putin said Stalin.

Russia is concerned about

When these American politicians spoke like their concerned about the cases of human rights violations in Russia, and asked Rex Tillerson, what will he do in this direction, none of them in this regard did not mention Saudi Arabia or Egypt.

There is one particular event on the agenda… the American armored vehicles concentrated in Poland. The previous day, Putin’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov said that the concentration threatens Russia’s security.

The media add fuel to the fire

The US mainstream media, meanwhile, published reports of the intelligence organizations claim that Russia interfered in the elections of the American President in favor of trump. Trump at a press conference announced that these leaked reports are false. However, trump did not answer the questions of correspondents of CNN and BBC, saying that they do fake news.

Full fidelity

As we said at the beginning, if trump is not subdued circles that take Russia for the Soviets, and Putin, for Stalin, then we can say we are on the threshold of a new cold war. The knowledge that we have gained from our experience during the last cold war, still very fresh. During the cold war, the leaders of the fronts are waiting for its friends to absolute loyalty. In other words, be friends both with Russia and with the United States during the cold war impossible. This situation may lead to various consequences, up to the coup.

That in politics is very advanced in all areas of the U.S. are subject to the will of the warmongers and, frankly, Imbeciles, — the mind boggles. But at the moment all is OK.