To make repairs and to pay penalties for late payment: how the new public law will change the lives of Ukrainians

New version of the law on Housing and communal services adopted in the first reading. At the moment the document is waiting for a second reading. According to the law, tenants should do to prepare communications in high-rise buildings to provide komuslug. That is, if there’s a leak for repair is the responsibility of individual tenants. Also need to pay for the repair of intra house systems of gas and electricity.

For the repair of entrances will also have to answer yourself. Or create a condominium and hire a management company that for a fee will keep the house and local area, or by contract with janitors, service, which is engaged in garbage removal, etc.

In those homes that condominiums are not created, the management company shall be appointed by the contest the city Council. Worth noting: the porch and roof, and basement premises is a joint property of all residents of an apartment building.

According to the first law, the penalty for late payment of communal was supposed to appear this year, however, for the second reading unpleasant for debtors norm was moved to 2018. As explained by one of the authors of the bill Alyona Babak, the penalty is 0.1% of the debt per day. The total fine amount shall not exceed the amount of the debt. There are penalties after the 20th of each month. So, if you pay 30, you will have to pay 1% more. The new rule will affect millions of Ukrainians. So, in a typical high-rise building debts for communal is every fifth apartment, and the total amount of debt exceeded the 25 billion Ukraine hryvnia.

In the new edition of the law “On housing services” as indicated: if the consumer does not pay more than a month, utilities can disable him. This is not to turn off the electricity and gas at the same time “block” the heat (if it is technically possible), cold and hot water for the debts can. About the disconnect must notify 30 days. The next day after the payment of the debt or the agreement on the restructuring of the supply of public services will resume. Also the Ukrainians in the new law will be required to submit meter readings to service providers.