The Americans are developing guided missiles

The American company Raytheon has been developing a new type of ammunition that can be used against unmanned aerial vehicles, including United in flocks, missiles and speed boats of the enemy. As reported by Military & Aerospace Electronics, new ammunition will be managed, and to fire them from standard naval artillery installations, – N+1.

Modern quick-firing artillery able to hit the boat or the drone of the enemy, approaching from one direction. If the attack is from several of the parties, the efficiency drops significantly because of lost time at the turn of the gun.

It is expected that the new guided munition will allow conduct aimed fire simultaneously at several targets located on different sides of the gun. The project for the development of munitions has received the name of MAD-FIRES (Multi-Azimuth Defense Fast Intercept Round Engagement System, multiasistencia defense system quick circular intercept).

The development of ammunition Raytheon took the contract Agency defense advanced developments of the Pentagon, which costs eight million dollars. According to the request of the military, the new ammunition should be suitable for firing from artillery guns caliber 20 to 40 mm.

Ammunition must be suitable for destroying light armored vehicles, light aircraft and manpower. That ammunition MAD-FIRE should combine the precision and control of missiles with the speed and rate of fire of conventional artillery ammunition.

How exactly do you plan to meet these requirements, Raytheon has not yet disclose. According to the contract, testing of the first prototypes of ammunition to be held in 2018.

Meanwhile, in 2010 in the United States are developing managed bullets Exacto for sniper large-caliber smoothbore rifles. The caliber of ammunition will be 12.7 mm. Long range bullet, its accuracy and knockdown will be provided by the use of high-energy propellants. The initial velocity of the bullet shot is supersonic.

Technical details about the ammunition not disclosed. According to unconfirmed reports, in a pool with a small battery, a microcontroller, a laser sensor, and the folding handlebars. After the shot, the microcontroller is activated and starts using the produced air rudders lead the bullet to the target.