En Son Haber (Turkey): this year, Russian tourists will prefer Turkey

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in an interview with TV channel “TRT Haber” (TRT Haber) made important statements related to the tourism industry.

Erdogan told about his conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin and said that this summer the Russian tourists can easily come to Turkey.

I said, “Let them come”

“In conversation with Putin, I said, “Your citizens missed the Turkey, let it come.” And came the news. They included Turkey in the number of possible directions”, — said the President.

With Britain all right

“I had the same conversation with Johnson — continued Erdogan. — There is also Turkey has made in a number of directions.”

Germany opposes

“Germany resists. In the coming days I will speak to Merkel, we will discuss it. In Germany, must be willing to come to Turkey. They can’t stop it, because it is contrary to the Schengen area”, — concluded the President.

Reader comments:

Visitor: Let the first cases of coronavirus eliminated.

Bayram Ceylan: Friends, this year let no one come.

Mirzaoglu NG: Russia was severely affected by the coronavirus, and you rejoice that arrive. Strange to think more about money than about health.

SARP: In Russia, every day at nine thousand cases and 60% asymptomatic or with minor symptoms. Who are you kidding!

The Renaissance 1453: This will be a boom in tourists or coronavirus?

Абдуррахман58: of Course, will come the Russians free to rest in our country.

msfr: Russia is dangerous, there is no control.

Oguz: it Means there will be a second wave…

Red Apple 61: it Seems that this virus is not over.

Merv: I do Not trust Putin, given the situation in Libya and Syria.

Malcolm X: Tourism is hot money, cash. Nothing can be done, tourists need.

husamettin: Coming imported cases of coronavirus.

messingaround: this year we had to close doors to foreign tourists, it is wrong to blithely take risks.

The crux of the matter: can’t tell Putin, “no”, do not want controversy. On the other scale — With-400, natural gas and tourism revenues.

Scotopelia: since we are talking about the Russian… What about our s-400? We were given a vent pipe instead of missiles or we’ve been tricked again?

Alko: Russians who are fighting against us in Syria, fighting against us in Libya, not friends!!

mo: If Putin is allowed, then, bear has made concessions in Libya.

Erol: We do not need Russian and Arab tourists.

Visitor: this year, Turkey will prefer viruses.