Organizations around the world have become victims of the virus-the extortioner

Various organizations in dozens of countries suffered a large-scale cyber attack on 12 may. Virus ransomware blocks access to the computer, demanding a ransom in bitcoins. Many cases including in Russia, where the attack and the interior Ministry.

By the morning of 13 may, there were more than 110 thousand attacks around the world.

According to the group of experts on cyber security Malware Hunter Team, virus-extortionist WanaCrypt0r 2.0 or WannaCry spread to the USA and countries in South America, but most of all he suffered from Russia and European countries.

The virus spreads by e-mail. It locks all files and demands a ransom 300 USD in bitcoins. Over time, the required payment increases. And the message is displayed in 28 different languages in every country on the.

In the Russian interior Ministry confirmed that the virus has infected thousands of computers in the office (less than 1%, according to the statement) and was localized. Earlier, the interior Ministry, the fact of a hacker attack on its servers was denied, explaining “planned works on vornanen loop”. The attack in Russia has also experienced telecommunications company “MegaFon”. Reported attack on the resources of the Investigative Committee, however, SK denied it.

In Spain the cyber attack have been made to large organizations, including telecommunications commune Telefonica. In the UK victims of the virus become objects of the health care system.

The company Agori, specializing in cyber security, noted that the attack was more “haphazard” than aimed.

According to The New York Times the creators of the virus-the extortioner used the tool vulnerabilities, stolen from the national security Agency (NSA) of the USA, where it was developed. The newspaper noted that ukazanny the NSA tool has been published online by a group of hackers, Naivasha Shadow Brokers. However, experts believe that this hacker group is unlikely for a massive attack.

WannaCry exploits a vulnerability of the Windows operating system. Microsoft in March released a program that closes this vulnerability, but on the computers that were attacked, apparently, have not installed the updates.

According to “Medusa”, the creators of the virus have already earned more than six thousand dollars to their victims to 10 PM Moscow time. The Guardian writes that the payment of ransom sometimes allows you to unlock encrypted files, but not always.