Biden on Ukraine: no One can perform the hard work for you

Vice President Joe Biden arrived on a farewell visit to Ukraine. At a joint press conference with President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, he urged the Ukrainian authorities to continue the reforms.

“The Americans and the Ukrainians have close ties we have shared values and hopes for the future. Americans, including nearly 1 million Americans of Ukrainian descent, understand that your success depends on many things – not only for Ukrainians, but also for Europe and the United States. If you will be able to continue its forward movement, not only will you get a more open, more democratic, more prosperous future that is worthy of the people of Ukraine, but also provide the support and unity of the international companies. I hope that the future administration will also be your fan and partner in your further progress. But you know: no one can do the heavy work instead of you. Only the Ukrainian people,” Biden said.

Vice President of the United States stressed that the leadership and people of Ukraine to put the country’s needs above narrow self-interest.

“You need to put the common good above parochial biases and petty achievements. This applies to all: members of the government of Ukraine, the Verkhovna Rada, which took an oath to serve the people of Ukraine, judges who have taken the responsibility to administer justice on grounds of justice, representatives of the media, civil society and ordinary citizens whose job is to demand accountability from those in power. Each of you must answer the call of history and finally to build a United democratic Ukraine that is able to withstand the test of time,” he said.

Biden said that as a state, Ukraine has taken many difficult decisions, and there will be so many difficult policy choices. But, according to him, no one can deny the forward movement, which made the Ukraine after the Maidan.

Vice-President of the United States positively assessed the reforms in the economy and politics of Ukraine, including cooperation with the IMF, the nationalization of Privat, e-Declaration, the National anti-corruption Bureau and the Specialized anticorruption Prosecutor’s office.

“It is very important that you continue to strengthen all of its anti-corruption Agency and eliminate those who want to return Ukraine to nepotism and kleptocracy. Through these vital steps your economy is growing again. But there is still a lot of work to Ukraine, at last, realize its potential dynamic and modern economy. Continue to cooperate with the IMF to carry out tough reforms that will ensure the vitality of the economy of Ukraine. Keep cleansing of the banking system. Carry out reforms in the energy sector, to eliminate Ukraine’s dependence on Russian gas. Work on transparent privatization of state enterprises, create a business environment with a responsible regulatory system, which will make Ukraine attractive for investment. It will not be easy. We know that it will not be easy. But what you have done, it was not easy,” said Biden.

As noted American politician, Ukraine has to fight against the “cancer of corruption” which continues to erode democracy from within, and against relentless aggression from the Kremlin.

“Persistent attempts of Russia to undermine your success, your safety, your sovereignty and territorial integrity different: attack, false propaganda, attempts to destabilize your economy. Ukraine, like every country in Europe has the right to determine their own path. But Russia is determined to prevent it. Therefore, the international community must stand as one against aggression and practices of coercion,” he said.

As reported, Joe Biden tonight arrived in Ukraine on an official visit. First Vice-President met with the Prime Minister Groisman, and later with President Poroshenko.