Lithuania is closely following the joint exercises of Russia and China on the Baltic sea

The representatives of defence of Lithuania say they are closely watching the outbreak on the Baltic sea joint military exercises of Russia and China. According to Deputy defense Minister Vytautas Umbrasas, Lithuania hopes that during the exercise of the will complied with all the norms of international Maritime law and would not be obstructed economic activities in the Baltic sea.

“Lithuania is constantly closely observes and analyzes passing nearby exercises and other military operations, and available information is shared with NATO allies,” — said BNS Vice Minister.

The active phase of military exercises of China and Russia “Maritime cooperation — 2017” is planned Tuesday and Wednesday in the Baltic sea. The sailors of both countries will fire at various types of targets on the water surface and in the air, together will decide the issues of salvation, fell overboard, will produce a movement of cargo from ship to ship and will be trained to provide assistance to the emergency ship. This is stated in the press release of the Baltic fleet of the Russian Navy.

Three ships of the Chinese Navy, including destroyer Hefei, arrived at the main base of the Baltic fleet of the Russian Navy in Baltiysk of the Kaliningrad region on July 21. After the completion of the maneuvers the Chinese ships will go to Saint Petersburg. Russia and China conduct joint military exercises annually since 2012, but they are for the first time in the Baltic. Some observers said that the arrival of Chinese ships in the Baltic sea can be interpreted as a response to US military activity in the disputed waters of the South China sea.