In China the drivers for the year 48 times crashed into a house at the curb

In the Chinese province of Heilongjiang is one-storey house for 2016 cars crashed 48 times. The building is T-shaped intersection, and drivers do not cope with the management, trying to fit into the rotation.

The owner of the house he Haijun even hung on the fence a huge poster of “Reduce speed!”, but the car continued to move into the house.

According to Haijun, accidents started to happen a few years ago, when in front of the house paved a new road. Drivers turn it to the left at an angle of 90 degrees and crash into a house, lost control.

Haijun and his wife Xu Jansen are counting for all the time the building crashed over 100 cars. They also collect pictures of accidents, when applying it to petitions and appeals to the district administration.

Officials did not respond to the complaint, so Haijun set at a fence barrier out of old bricks. The man hopes so cars won’t drive home and get stuck in the fence.