“I’ll go for a beer in Europe”: the Ukrainians reacted to bezviz with the EU

Today, may 11, the EU Council approved the granting Ukraine visa-free regime. It was the last of the European court, which had to make the decision on granting to Kiev of the regime of visa liberalization.

According to President Poroshenko, on 17 may in Strasbourg will be signed the corresponding agreement between Ukraine and the EU.

Thus, a month later on June 11 – the Ukrainians will be able to travel to EU countries without visas.

Citizens of Ukraine, including representatives of the authorities, on their pages in social networks have reacted to the long awaited decision of the EU Council.

SO! Mi TSE zrobili!
Things only Glad menstru Evrosouzu shalila ostateczne rsena about nadannya us gromadyanam Ukraine, the right to bestvi V SD pic.twitter.com/CAlUGRCpcA

— Petro Poroshenko (@Poroshenko) on 11 may 2017

“Btvs” – TSE grantski a step to Urope to utverdzhennya freedom lyudin I Nezalezhnosti NASA powers!https://t.co/1Iu7ghaQuC

— Petro Poroshenko (@Poroshenko) on 11 may 2017

Btvs. Residual. Vitayu vsih s otkrytymi dorima in UEL!

— Volodymyr Ariev (@VolodymyrAriev) 11 may 2017

Sprawd Garnier novina. Glad menstru Evrosouzu shalila ostateczne rsena about nadannya ukrainzam besso.

— Larissa Sargan (@SarganLarysa) 11 may 2017

Want to congratulate you. We officially passed all the treatments and in the summer they will be able to travel freely to the EU.

— Semen Kabakaev (@SemenKabakaev) 11 may 2017

It is symbolic that in one day for Ukraine approved bizviz, and in Russia, given time person for catching pokemon.

Gray Cardinal (@slevo4kin) 11 may 2017

Strucni the time,if “country 404” gave Bezus W ºC,and in the “Nidderau” give termni for GRU .
Yak good to live in a long time derjav

— PoMaH (@ZadorozhnyiR) 11 may 2017

Bezviz for Ukrainians earn in a month!
The last person to leave Ukraine – veclici in chop light! pic.twitter.com/tLif6iZoyp

— Terrible Bendera (@Realuran) 11 may 2017

I’m going to Europe for a beer

— VP (@sranysovok) 11 may 2017

Okay, bezviz with the EU is. Peremoga by far.
And now to @poroshenko had a question – when they finally introduce visas with Russia?
Not*UY to roam!

— South East (@Ale4kko) 11 may 2017

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