Why long sleep harmful: seven negative factors

This habit can become tregarron certain diseases, provoke physiological and psychological disorders. So, fans soak up, time to get up, reports tvoymalysh.com.ua.

  • Increases the risk of depression

For several years, studies involving thousands of people, the results of which surprised scientists. It turned out that those who sleep 7-9 hours, only 27% of cases suffered from those or other manifestations of depression. While fans soak up more than 10 hours in 50% of cases suffered from depressive symptoms.

  • Reduced efficiency of the brain

Those who are every day or even three times a week sleeps at least 10 hours, identifying changes in the brain. Such people complain of memory and concentration that are significantly reduced compared to those who sleep 7-8 hours.

  • Less likely to get pregnant

Of the more than 650 women who underwent in vitro fertilization procedure, nearly 70% the first time was able to get pregnant those who slept 7 to 9 hours. And to those who like to sleep 10 hours the majority had to undergo the procedure again. It stunned the Korean scientists who conducted the study. Now they will have to further explore this issue to find the cause.

  • Increased risk of diabetes

For almost 15 years, American scientists have investigated the relationship of sleep and diabetes. Those subjects that slept for 10 hours every day, 50% more likely to suffer this disease. The relationship persisted regardless of the presence of other “aggravating” factors such as Smoking, coffee drinking, age.

  • Leads to obesity

Each year, the likelihood of weight gain increases in humans, accustomed to sleep more than 9 hours. Every year, people older than 40 years at 1-2% increases the weight of your own body, if you prefer a long lie in bed. They can play sports and lead an active lifestyle, but the weight will still be delayed.

  • Increased risk of cardiovascular disease

More than 72,000 women participated in the study, which lasted for several years. Those of them who slept 9-11 hours every night on a 40% increased risk of heart attack and other heart diseases, when compared with those who sleep no more than 8 hours.

  • High probability of early death

Those who sleep 8 hours every night, living 15% longer than those who prefer to relax much longer.

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