As a Russian photographer outwitted Donald trump

The day after the dismissal of the chief of the FBI James Komi (James Comey) was not a good day for Donald trump. Anyway, looked a little strange that trump first met as President with a senior official from Moscow at a time when all the sparrows on the roofs tweeted that the true reason for the dismissal of Komi was an FBI investigation about the election of trump contacts with Moscow.

Shortly before the meeting with trump behind closed doors the Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia also joked about the dismissal of Komi. “He was fired? You’re joking!” — said, smiling, Sergey Lavrov, before hiding in the White house. Of course, Moscow is happy around, that complicates the investigation of Russian manipulation during the American elections.

And then there emerged dealing with photographs of negotiations of the President of the United States with Russian officials in the oval office. Trump and his team of journalists, stunned by the harsh reaction to the dismissal of Komi, at least aware that the meeting with the Russians the next day will not produce a good impression. Clearly, therefore, the White house did not allow reporters and photojournalists.

For the first time the Russians were present, but no Americans

Therefore, the representatives of the American media was stunned when suddenly there were pictures of this event. They were circulated by the Russian news Agency TASS and the Russian government Department.

How could it be that the White house allowed the Russians what was forbidden to American journalists who regularly cover the activities of trump? Probably, the Russian media for the first time in the history of America have more access to the White house than the us.

In these pictures of tramp stood and talked with Lavrov and Russian Ambassador to the USA Sergei Kislyak in a casual atmosphere. Exactly the same Kislyak, which lost the national security Advisor, Michael Flynn (as Michael Flynn), concealed his meeting with the Russian Ambassador. For the same reason, difficulties arose and the Minister of justice Jeff and Roman sessions (Jeff Sessions), which called for the dismissal of the Komi Republic.

The White house also was amazed

In the White house, obviously, was no less impressed with these pictures than the American media. In fact, the meeting had to be only one official photographer on each side. Therefore, the administration trump felt betrayed by the Russians because of the photographer, combined with Lavrov.

He really works for the news Agency TASS and constantly accompanies Lavrov. “The Russians have not informed us that their official photographer had a double subordination, and the photos were distributed by the state news Agency,” — said the official representative of USA in an interview with the Washington Post.

And as if that wasn’t enough, some experts on security issues and criticized the fact that members of the Russian delegation have received the right to enter the Oval office with electronic devices. They can say, easy to hide and to smuggle in the White house operational equipment.

In any case, former CIA Deputy Director David Cohen (David Cohen) commented on Twitter a rhetorical question one former senior official of Barack Obama, was it right to allow a Russian photographer with all his equipment in the Oval office with the words “no, that was wrong.” Obviously, trump is more concerned that he was not listening to Barack Obama than what he could be overheard by the Russians.