The statement of the Ambassador of Germany in Donbass and the “Nein” Berlin wall: the details of the scandal

In Ukraine sparked a diplomatic incident in connection with the statement of the German Ambassador Ernst Reichel for the elections in Donbass, the effect of which increased the people’s Deputy from BPP Alexey Goncharenko, painted fragment of the Berlin wall outside the German Embassy in Kiev.

The story began on 7 February with the views expressed by Reichel on the elections in the Donbass. According to the German diplomat, the will of the inhabitants of the occupied territories of Donetsk and Luhansk regions could be organised in the presence of Russian troops.

“Not necessarily that the elections in the Donbass can take place only when there will be no Russian troops, or on each city will be posted the Ukrainian flag. Without a doubt, it is difficult to imagine the holding of local elections without security. But I am convinced that this is not something impossible, all depends on the conditions”

Ernst Reichel. Photo: RBC-Ukraine

A day later, early on the morning of February 8, Alexey Goncharenko, indignant at the statement of the German diplomat, decided a kind of protest: he painted fragment of the Berlin wall outside the German Embassy, by writing on it the word “nein” which means translated from German “no.” According to him, the Berlin wall is a symbol of Russian occupation of Europe.

Photo: Facebook

As explained by the MP, saying he believes the Pro-Kremlin Reichel and indulge the Kremlin propaganda.

“The words of the Ambassador of Germany in Ukraine fully reproduce the installation of Russian propaganda, the purpose of which is to legalize the terrorists by placing them in the Ukrainian government. Such statements are not only offensive to Ukrainians and playing into the hands of the Kremlin, but also contrary to the Minsk agreements and the position of Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel”

Photo: Facebook

Such actions of the Ukrainian policy in the German Embassy responded that it is a violation of the Vienna Convention on diplomatic relations, and they deplore the deterioration of the wall. As noted by German diplomats, the fall of the Berlin wall for all Europeans symbolizes the liberation from communism and Soviet hegemony.

After the scandalous statements of the German Ambassador was summoned to the foreign Ministry of Ukraine to give explanations to him.

Reichel himself that day in the evening explained his statement on the elections in the Donbass. He said that meant creating the necessary conditions for holding elections in the Donbass.

Pavlo Klimkin. Photo: AFP

In turn, the Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin commented on the statements of the German diplomat and the actions of the Ukrainian policy Goncharenko.

“I see the problem not only in the content of what was said, but how it was said in the above comparisons, in the tone. But I want to emphasize that what is happening does not affect the context of Ukrainian-German relations. We know the German position. I work very closely with all members – not only those responsible for foreign policy in Berlin, know their position”

“The reaction of Alexei Goncharenko too emotional, I believe, any action can be explained emotionally. But in a political context, I think it was unnecessary. I have brought this to our German friends. We have a full understanding in this. The German Ambassador was at the foreign Ministry. The German side does not see it as something consciously directed against her. But we know that we all have a lot of emotion. Sometimes emotions need to hold back and choose the other way – for example, political. The political Director had a relevant conversation. I believe that these few sentences in the context of our friendship with Germany is really exhausted”

The head of the Ukrainian delegation to the parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe Vladimir Aryev added that the form of protest Goncharenko was extremely doubtful, and at a fraction of the BPP, many condemned the actions of his colleague.

“Today there was a meeting of the faction – the faction did not support, and many in their speeches condemned this act. The issue of exclusion from the faction is not worth it. We have a lot of people who did various things. If everyone was excluded from the faction, it would be disrespectful to the statement of opinions and positions. In this case, we have expressed a clear position that the form in which it was done is totally unacceptable and the faction that condemned”