5 thousand dollars for proof of homosexuality Makrona

The American site offers a reward to anyone who can prove the homosexual orientation of the new French President. Behind this political “Troll”, a long — time master of fake news colleague Steve Bannon and supporter of Donald trump.

On the background of the French campaign of false news and rushed from the other side of the Atlantic. Recently, this had to be noted Posavec Jack (Jack Posobiec), which contributed to the spread of “leaks” about Emanuele the Macron, and William Craddick (William Craddick), the first who published them. Now it was the turn of Chuck Johnson (Chuck Johnson). This activist American alternative right-hand works for two website, which pour dirt on the campaign. Got News (allegedly, the resources devoted to investigative journalism) is content spread gross misinformation about the Macron.

The novelty is that some articles are translated into French… Strategy, apparently, justified, since a number of materials reprinted Dreuz Info and other sites on the French fatosphere (Got News probably invented the story of Jessica Gomez, who allegedly worked at Deloitte and confirmed the veracity of the documents about a fake account of the Macron). Anyway, Chuck Johnson is even more messy site: We Searchr with Fox logo offers money to users who believe that the power to sponsor exposure.

But all this is connected with French politics? We Searchr here is not the first month to offer a reward of 5 thousand dollars for a proof of the homosexuality of Emmanuel Macron. “Don’t lie Lee favorite candidate of mass media about the attraction to men?”, — asks the website.

Who exactly offered a reward? Chuck Johnson assured Libération that he knows nothing about this. Anyway, the opportunity to publish their advertisement has been provided by users recently, and the site says that this offer was published by the team We Searchr.

On another website Chuck Johnson image with a Macron on the background of the rainbow flag was also used when referring to leaks that were designed to confirm the veracity of the rumor: the macron is included in the gay newsletter, says a resource. “This is important because in France there’s never been a President of a homosexual. I think there is a lot of evidence,” he said in almost perfect French, without giving a single example (in addition to age, Brigitte macron, which obviously can not be considered as such). When we told him that the presence of a Macron in a gay ezine is not mentioned in the leak, Johnson says that not sure. We insist, and he eventually States that did not publish the article and didn’t even check it.

If he knows who translates articles into French? No. He’s talking about a certain brand and Stephen (or Stefan), which in any case want to remain anonymous… the other probably canadian living in Philadelphia. “I don’t even read his article,” he acknowledges.

Who analyzed the leak? Employees. Does his command, the people who speak French? Possible. If Jacques Posavec wrote obvious nonsense about leaks because of ignorance of the French language, Chuck Johnson ten years went to the courses. In addition, he offered to conduct a conversation in French. But when we indicate to him the false news appeared on his website, he says that has nothing to do with them. It has about 100 employees (not all of them pay, but the exact number of volunteers is unknown to us). In short, the story of Chuck Johnson sounds very contradictory.

Anyway to underestimate the 28-year-old activist is still not worth it. It may look like a clown, but his site is still collected 87 thousand dollars to protect Kyle Chapman (Kyle Chapman), a supporter of trump and hero of the alternative right, which fought fiercely anti-fascists with shield and baton in the hands of… the site Managed to attract 50 thousand dollars to prove the involvement of the founder of Gawker (the site went bankrupt as a result of the claim of the financier Peter Thiel, spokesperson for trump), one of the “enemies” of Chuck Johnson, to financial fraud. After you receive a reward for one of the activists, Black Lives Matter, the accounts of Johnson and Got News on Twitter were frozen. The social network refuses to comment on these cases, but Johnson intends to raise $ 250 thousand to make it “new Gawker”.

In addition, the “political Troll” worked for Steve Bannon (Steve Bannon) and his website Breitbart. Bannon was a special adviser to trump and has maintained close ties with Johnson. According to Forbes, he has influenced the formation of the transition team trump. “They are much exaggerated my role: I only have a few friends who work in the departments of the White house” made it. He denies the friendship with Peter Thiel (with whom he had met only a couple of times), but confirms the connection with WikiLeaks, several employees had come to him in California.

Autumn Johnson has funded (via WeSearchr) trip to Washington woman who claims that Hillary Clinton as an attorney secured the release raped her men. Trump gave a press conference with the participation of four women who accused Clinton, an hour before the debate.

He sees the world as the battlefield of the globalists and the nationalists (he himself clearly belong to the second category), and supports trump (although later was disappointed by his policies, in particular the strikes in Syria), Le Pen and the “Alternative for Germany”. Interest in the French campaign is that he considers himself a journalist, who “is obliged to publish this information” on the Makron. Even if false…