US ready to deploy a missile defense system in the Baltic States to deter Russia – NYT

US ready to deploy defensive systems in the Baltic States to deter Russia, but so far not publicly commented on the possibility of deployment of missile complex long-range Patriot. This was discussed during the visit of the Pentagon chief James Mattis to Lithuania, reports The New York Times, writes “Ukrainian truth”.

Responding to a question about Patriot SAMS, Mattis noted that any such accommodation will occur after consultation with the Lithuanian government.

“Special systems that we provide are those which we identify as necessary,” he said.

“We will only deploy a defensive system to provide a certain respect for the sovereignty”, – quotes the head of the Pentagon to the portal Delfi.

“We need all the necessary means for deterrence and defense”, – said the President of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaite.

Mattis arrived in Lithuania on Tuesday evening. This visit the new United States administration is seeking to demonstrate their commitments in the sphere of security of the Baltic States amid concern over Russia’s foreign policy.

On the eve of visit the head of the Pentagon said that the presence of NATO in the Baltic countries helps to provide stability.

Earlier it was reported that the United States will send its ships into the Baltic sea, and will also assume control of the airspace of NATO in the region.