How to accustom themselves to regular training

All we once make promises to start doing sports. Most often it sounds like: “well, here’s Monday”, then “1 of”, and then you even forget what you promised yourself.

Afraid of the load, the need to respect the fact that all the slightly bored and waiting for a long time, writes They need to motivate myself to desire to have overpowered laziness?

Sports activities must have a clear goal of wanting to lose weight, to improve the shape or to strengthen the body. Plus exercise was interesting, because (honestly admit) is a lot of work and self-discipline. For productive and interesting classes do not need to buy a gym membership and pay a few thousand hryvnia per month for the services of a personal trainer. You can work successfully at home, the efficiency is high, and the result is achieved quickly.

There are types of training that serve physical activity in a game format, where hardworking achievers and receive various bonuses and incentives, and those who fail get punishment or a stand.

It is also important to track your workouts to see progress and to see the benefits of what you do.

Can the old fashioned way to keep a diary or to use modern gadgets. The second is more convenient and useful in monitoring and analysis of progress as characterized by not only the General indicators like heart rate and calories burned, but measures the total level of activity, store data on speed, distance and distance.

But what gadgets you choose (or decide to manage at all without them), remember the main thing — do not forget to reward yourself after a workout. It is still very hard work on yourself and your character! But don’t let it be candy or chocolate, easy and beautiful sports form.