Devastating report: EU for the first time thinks about to end assistance to Ukraine

A leading think tank in Brussels have prepared an analysis of the situation in Ukraine and advises the EU to prepare to terminate assistance to that country if the situation does not improve radically.

The centre for European policy studies (Centre for European Policy Studies, CEPS) studied the situation of the Ukrainian economy for nearly three years after the so-called revolution on the Maidan, and now gives a gloomy description of the situation in the country.

The centre for European policy studies writes:

Almost three years after the revolution, Euromaidan, the Ukrainian leadership, and, sadly, failed to deliver on their promises on fighting corruption in the justice system, restoring order in the financing of political parties and decentralization of the government. The still pending reform of the customs service, property rights are absolutely not respected, and the state enterprises are not privatized. The main reforms aimed at fighting corruption, constantly meet resistance, are deposited, a manipulation of the reforms which are only on paper. The elite of the country needs to show more tangible results to win the trust of citizens and to mitigate the growing frustration of the international partners of Ukraine.

Originally Euromaidan was a revolt against the oligarchs and corruption and led to the coup on 22 February 2014. But the oligarchs still retain their position and treat the state as their property.

A staunch supporter of the U.S. Mikhail Saakashvili, who for a time was Governor of the Odessa region, said in an interview with the electronic version (English — approx. TRANS.) of the Kyiv Post newspaper that supports independence: “we Have a form of parallel shadow government. Ukraine can be described as company, which is owned by the oligarchs. Each oligarch has its own judges, prosecutors and militia part.”

Former MP Oleksandr Onishchenko, who himself is under investigation for criminal offenses, sent to the newspaper Kyiv Post, the documents to be presented by the oligarch and President, Petro Poroshenko, in a very bad light.

In documents published Onishchenko, said that Poroshenko had received personal profit from so-called “anti-terrorist operation” or war against their fellow citizens in the East of Ukraine. The company owned by the President, allegedly received military contracts. This means that loans from the IMF, in practice, went through Kiev to the war in Eastern Ukraine, and then to settle the accounts of the President.

Onishchenko also said that he personally helped Poroshenko to bribe members of Parliament. According to him, the voice of one member of Parliament is from 20 to 100 thousand dollars. Onishchenko also claims that he handed my documents to the FBI. It is unclear what happened with this case, but clearly CEPS recommends:

The EU must firmly insist that the Ukrainian elite did participate in the construction of the state, speaking against corruption, which systematically undermines the foundations of the state. And if the authorities do not respond appropriately, the EU should be ready to stop support to Ukraine at an earlier stage than was done in the case of Moldova.

So, if Kyiv authorities will not provide visible improvement, the EU should be prepared to stop supporting Ukraine.

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Norway børge Brende (Børge Brende), in contrast, advocates that continue to provide the Kiev regime unconditional support. Despite the fact that large-scale corruption and for anybody not a secret, he and Prime Minister Erna Solberg (Erna Solberg) gave the Poroshenko government hundreds of millions of Norwegian kroner of taxpayers.

Audit chamber must check whether the Brand a clear misunderstanding of the provisions in carrying out his duties.