Trump will take the country in the difficult Palestinian cause

After a meeting with Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas, the President of the United States Donald trump understand all aspects of the Palestinian case, after hearing both sides of this conflict and meet the most important regional allies in the middle East. However, so far, with the exception of optimism which he expressed about the possibility of reaching a peace agreement between Palestinians and Israelis, trump has not identified any practical measures.

With regard to the nature of the negotiations on this issue, the meeting with Mahmoud Abbas, trump noted that the American side remains a mediator and arbitrator in the negotiations between the two parties, as was the case with the previous US administration, without the right to perform any action or to refer the parties for making the desired decision.

Perhaps the absence from the White house pronounced position in respect of parties having different idea about the solution of the conflict, make them believe that Washington is back as a mediator. In any case, it will continue as long as the 45th President of the United States can avoid having to take a position that is sure to please one side and will cause the indignation of the other, or not like both sides.

The only thing we can say at the moment is that the most important change in the US position is the difference of the positions trump-President, the trump —presidential candidate. On the issue of relocation of U.S. Embassy in Israel from tel Aviv to Jerusalem, and against its location on a new place nobody ever came back to the conversation that the solution to the problems of the two States can only have one variant, but several. After that first telephone conversation trump with Abbas, and then a meeting in the framework of a series of meetings with regional leaders, which caused a positive reaction of the Palestinian leadership, and at the same time not caused the anger of Israel. Moreover, a few days ago during the celebration of the anniversary of the establishment of the state of Israel Vice President of the United States noted that the issue of moving the Embassy still exists.

According to our estimates, the White house will take a long time to study the Palestinian problem. This means that he will not inherit the points of the positions of previous U.S. administrations. Also, perhaps the White house will find that his most important task you need to carry out is to assemble the sides to the negotiating table and leave them discussing what they want, without ads America’s position. For Donald trump’s very important to gather allies in the region to solve other problems associated with intervention in regional conflicts.

Therefore, Israel did not welcome the negotiations with the Palestinian side, even regarding such intentions, thereby returning to the position of representative of the center-right Likud party Yitzhak Shamir in Madrid (probably talking about the Madrid peace conference of 1991 on the settlement of the Arab-Israeli conflict — approx. lane) Observers believe that Washington will seek to provide the Arab cover for the talks and encouraging Israel to enter into a negotiating process, without having to be in the framework decision on the establishment of two States, and not even in the framework of the Arab initiative.

The participation of Gulf countries, especially Saudi Arabia, mean that Israel is closer to Grand opening free relations with the Arab countries without the need to release Palestinian territory occupied in 1967 and without prior conditions for the establishment of an independent Palestinian state.

In any case, in the hands of the trump card remains “a new President”, and it means that he still has “strong momentum”. But despite this, we do not expect that he will succeed in this more than in the launch of negotiations between Palestinians and Israelis, with the aim to patch up the cracks between its many allies in the region.

Donald trump immediately rushed to announce to the world that he is different from Barack Obama, releasing missiles “Tomahawk” on the Syrian airfield shirt and dropping “the mother of all bombs” on Afghanistan. Then, when all had assumed he was preparing for a confrontation with Iran, which may have acted as a price offered to Israel in exchange for negotiations with the Palestinian side, trump found himself in a situation of confrontation with North Korea. So let the President, who seeks to show “red eye” the world would rush to say: “I am very pleased to meet with North Korean President Kim Jong-UN!”

In our opinion, this is the whole point: Donald trump does not reflect and cannot find a solution to the complex conflict in the middle East. His predecessors tried, but to no avail. Despite the fact that some of them, like bill Clinton, have made outstanding efforts during his two terms and Barack Obama — during his first term, the peculiarity lies in the fact that Israel was unwilling to negotiate and reach bilateral solutions, preferring to make decisions unilaterally based on their own plans.

However, trump is important to re-establish a strong US presence and its influence in the world. He wants to restore the prestige of America as the most powerful country in the world, the country that controls the world after the cold war, more than a quarter of a century ago. But Russian actions in Syria and Ukraine make her tremble, and there is nothing better than to look to the middle East. Likely to carry out his plan, Washington will have a hard time with its Arab allies.

On return of control over the globe, America is faced with the challenge to its hegemony in all regions, and the Arab world is also no exception.