Rules of success from Thomas Lipton

Get ready to change the life, because any rotation can improve the situation.

In life there is no failure, there is opportunity. And if you know how to use them, success is bound to be close.

Every job is a chance to learn. This is important because in business you need not only theory and books: for success it is important to consolidate the knowledge, practical skills and experience.

Customer care — the Foundation of any business. If the purchaser understands that it is satisfied with, for example, quality or price, then he will return again and advise the same to make friends, family. And that the client was happy with the service, it is important to monitor all processes — to be aware of the negotiations with suppliers and to pick their own team members.

The customer is always right and wants to be surprised. It is important to give the customer pleasant emotions. For example, you can decorate the Windows with bright signs and caricatured figures. Then shopping will be a cure for a bad mood, and that will be for the customer a reason to come back for purchase again.

Entrepreneurial flair and market analysis is very important. We need to develop logical thinking to be able to predict trends, combining seemingly insignificant events.

Use of innovations in production. It is important to follow the innovations and the most promising to implement in the business, it allows you to stand out in the crowd of competitors and to individualize the product/service. So, someone else’s idea to produce tea in paper bags became popular in the production of “Lipton”tea.

The man who lives his trade is to give is either to go bankrupt. And it is desirable to use advertising in the most unexpected situations. For example, it is possible to place slogans during a… delivery of the bales of goods by sea.

Original serve unoriginal product. Long ago the sale of goods in bulk has become on sale in boxes, bags. Ideas need to improve further: you can put in the boxes, for example, surprises.