Macron promises to protect the vital interests of France and the interests of the EU

Elected President of France Emmanuel macron sees his task to protect the interests of France and the European Union.

“I will protect France. Her vital interests. Her image. Her message. Making a commitment to you. I will protect Europe is a community of destiny you have chosen for the peoples of our continent. At stake is our civilization, our way of life, our freedom, our values, our shared intentions and hopes,” said macron, in his speech on Sunday evening after the announcement of the winner of the election.

He promised to pay attention to relations “between Europe and the peoples that constitute it, between Europe and the citizens”.

“On your behalf I address the Nations of the world fraternal greetings from France,” said macron.

The President-elect intends to assure the leaders of other countries that France will be attentive to such issues as peace, the balance of powers, role, international cooperation, respect for commitments, development and climate change.

Recall, according to preliminary data Emmanuel macron won the presidential election in France, he was voted 65.5% of voters.