The news media creates us and them

When the terrorist attack that killed four people in neighbouring country, is covered in the news as many times as the attack that killed 400 Muslims, the media portrayed, portraying Islamists as enemies of the West.

Many have pointed to the bloody mist, in which this spring entered the Norwegian media when the truck crashed into a shopping centre in Stockholm and killed four people.

In a large number of news published in the days after the attack, the Norwegian media interviewed hundreds of people. All told the same story. The fact that most of the interviewees distinguished objects from each other, was the place where they were during the events.

The whole week we have read and heard about the Norwegians, who was near the attack earlier in the day, and the Norwegians, who might have been there when it happened.

Corporation NRK is continuously sent news of the moment when a truck crashed into a shopping Mall Åhléns, until nightfall and then move on to the transmission of Swedish television before the end of the night, before the morning shows picked up the baton.

In Facebook Norwegian reporters talked about their close ties with the Swedish capital.

Condition: Western life

Information went in circles and gave the impression that in the world more than anything else was not.

In the first days after the attack, I listened to the police security Service, who told Norwegian reporters at least 20 times about the fact that there was reason to believe increase the risk of terrorism in Norway.

There is nothing new, we had seen the news releases that contain a combination of panic and pathos.

It seems that in order for the wording to come after the attack, is that the lost life is the life of Western people.

On the other, we almost can’t hear anything.

Islamists as a common enemy

This year terrorists associated with ISIS (an organization banned in Russia), has already killed about 400 people.

370 of them were killed in Muslim countries, but if you ask the average reader of Newspapers in Norway, how many people died in terrorist attacks this year, you will hear most likely a much smaller number: four in Stockholm, six in London and two in Paris.

At the same time the same media, giving a crooked light, reported more and more sharp statements in politics and public opinion polls.

Skepticism towards Muslims is growing in proportion to the number of terrorist attacks in the West.

What if the media, who should be our eyes and ears in the world, would make their reports with the same zeal every time when Islamists kill people in Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Bangladesh and Turkey?

You can believe that many would look at the Islamists as a common enemy of Europeans and a billion ordinary Muslims.

To some extent balanced coverage

When American journalist James Foley (James Foley) was kidnapped and murdered by ISIS in the fall of 2014, many journalists here at home replaced your photo in Facebook for a black square.

This summer, ISIS killed hundreds of Yazidis and led away into slavery thousands of Muslim women.

The terrorist group buried Muslim children alive in the earth.

But only when he was killed, one American, our news providers have expressed a real sadness and sympathy.

At that time some members of the media defended his selective expression of sadness that it carried a message. The execution of Foley was not supposed to interfere with the free press to highlight and document the terrible crimes of ISIS.

If such coverage is somehow balanced, this is an advantage, preserving the peace.