In the US, police killed a child, threatened them with a pneumatic gun

Near the school in San Diego, California, police opened fire on a 15-year-olds, who sent to them an air gun, reports life.

On the website of the police Department of the city reported that two police officers arrived at the scene on call of the unknown person and saw the boy with the gun. The teenager pointed a gun at the guards, and when they demanded to drop the weapon, he went to the police. Resulted immediately both started to shoot.

The teenager received several wounds. The emergency physicians were called, but to save the life of a victim they failed.

The investigators found that the teenager was sent to the police an air gun. According to one version, he was the one that anonymous, who before the incident called the police. Remain unclear the reasons for which he was guided in this.

Earlier it was reported that Texas police officer killed a teenager shot in the head.