Initiatives of the Ukrainian refinery will cost consumers 11 billion and cause a destabilization of supply

Moreover, these refineries do not take on any commitments in terms of production and size of investment

Oil and gas Association of Ukraine (NAU) notes the growing pressure of refineries and mining companies on the Ukrainian authorities to increase their market share at the expense of non-market mechanisms, with the result that under the blow will be delivered to consumers and the energy security of Ukraine, writes “enkorr”.

“Initiatives of the Ukrainian refineries on the introduction of an 8.5% duty on Russian deliveries of diesel fuel and liquefied gas will not only lead to a further rise in purchase prices, but will also destroy a stable system of oil products supply, will lead to the emergence of the new mega-suppliers with increased market share and all its attendant risks,” — said in the press release industry associations.

Plan of the refinery will lead to a significant increase of oil refining and output of oil products in Nov sure. The reason — increased production of gasoline and fuel oil that do not have liquid markets. Initiative to limit supplies of diesel fuel and liquefied gas will lead to higher prices for these running positions and will subsidise a loss making position.