The UN has named hunger as the main migration reason

Hunger forces people to leave their homes in search of livelihood and mass displacement of people aggravate humanitarian crises, and immense pressure on the food systems of the countries receiving immigrants.

This is stated in a new report by the world food programme (WFP). It notes that malnutrition is a major cause of migration.

The report’s authors found that the decrease in the level of food security wraps up one percent increase in the number of international migrants by 1.9%.

Experts WFP call upon the States members of the United Nations and private donors to invest more in the development of agriculture and strengthening food systems in the countries of origin of migrants.

“Millions of our brothers and sisters forced to leave their homes. They faced incredible hardship. We just have to Shine a light on this tragic situation,” said WFP Executive Director David Beazley.

Earlier, the UN said that more than a million Nigerians at risk of hunger.