What to do if an ATM “jammed” a Bank card or was not given the money

Bank card can be found in the wallet of almost every Ukrainian. And, as evidenced by research company GfK, 90% of cardholders received a salary or pension, go to the ATM to withdraw “cash”. The website “Today” figured out what to do if the ATM ate my Bank card or have not given the money, but deducted the money from my account.

What to do if the ATM “ate” card

The ATM may seize the card, “especially” when its owner entered the wrong pin code three to five times in a row, just forgot the card in the camera after operation, or the Bank has a suspicion that the card was stolen. Also, the ATM can “swallow” the card due to sudden power failure, improper maintenance of the ATM machine or on the machine the scammers installed a special device-card reader that steals information from the card.

Sometimes the ATMs show the reason why the card “eaten”. For example, on the monitor, a message may display: “Card is retained” (map taken) or special codes. “04” – withdrawal without cause, “41” card was lost or “43” card has been stolen. First, you can try to press the “cancel” button on the ATM. If this does not work, you should call the call center of the Bank or company that services ATMs. The phone number should be posted on the ATM.

In such a situation, the map will “release” from the ATM at the time of collection. If the ATM is located near a Bank branch, should go directly to the Bank. Perhaps the employee can speed up the process of “return”.

After the Bank, “jammed” card, the next client can use it without any problems and harm to the “eaten” card. Therefore, stand near the ATM as long as the map does not return, makes no sense. But to leave before I called the Bank, not worth it. During a conversation with the operator to clarify when and where to return the card and what documents you need to bring (most likely a passport and INN).

On the website of one of the largest Ukrainian banks said that “eaten” the card can be restored free of charge in any branch of the Bank on the same day. Other banks charge payment for the restoration of the map.

What if the ATM did not give money

If the ATM has not given out the funds, but they are written off from the account, you must first call the Bank and describe the situation. This situation may occur due to technical failure, and because of problems with communication, electricity, etc. Dependent on Bank money may return to the account within 24 hours or after the investigation. The operator of the call center of a Bank should respond when the appeal will be considered.

If the Bank is unable to determine the client did not receive funds, confirm these words can only collection. If it turns out that the ATM means more than it should be (taking into account charged but not issued), the money should return to the client of the Bank. Lawyer Alexander Plahotnik advised to go to the Bank with a written appeal, however, many financial agencies have taken the treatment over the phone.