Traffic in Doha for the change of the current regime

One of the founders of the Qatari intelligence service major General Mahmoud Mansour said that the new US administration led by Donald trump abandoned the policy of “controlled chaos”, which was held in the region of the former administration headed by President Barack Obama, so the ruling elite in Qatar under the leadership of Tamim al-Thani completed its political strategy, which was based on the “language of destruction”, and now she believes she needs to look the other way in this situation to manage their sabotage operations.

At the same time, General Mansour stressed the importance of the decision taken by the group of Arab and Muslim countries to break off diplomatic relations with Qatar, noting that the decision was taken at the right time.

Major General Mansour in a special interview for the newspaper Al Ittihad reported that the decision to break off diplomatic relations with Qatar has been necessary and mandatory in this situation. The result of this decision caused great harm to the Arab world because of the unacceptable behaviour of Qatar, who diligently supports terrorist organizations. Mahmoud Mansour talks about the irrefutable evidence, such as documents and intelligence, which indicate that the ruling regime in Qatar is funding terrorist organizations in various Arab countries.


Al Ittihad: This precedent is the first of its kind at the regional level of the Gulf. Four Persian Gulf States announced the severance of relations with Qatar and other Arab and Muslim countries took the same decision. What do you think about this decision?

Mahmoud Mansour: This decision was necessary and mandatory in this situation. The result has caused great harm to the Arab and Muslim world because of the unacceptable behaviour of Qatar, which has supported terrorist organizations, providing them with weapons and money and other resources in accordance with their needs. And also a helping hand to terrorists and their terrorist activities in the Arab and Muslim countries. I believe that the decision on the severance of diplomatic relations will have a significant pressure on the ruling regime in Qatar, which for several years has supported terrorist organizations in various countries and gave them refuge on its territory.

Was this decision taken at the right time?

— This decision was made in good time to benefit from producing the situation of terrorism in order to influence on the Arab, regional and world opinion, by presenting terrorism is the common enemy. The situation with terrorism is under the control, management, and funding by Qatar 100%. This decision poses a serious threat to the ruling regime in Qatar, especially after the speech of the Egyptian President Al-Sisi to Arab-Islamo-American summit in Riyadh, and provide important evidence obtained by security services in the Arab world, pointing to the fact that terrorist organizations are funded by Qatar.

False information from Doha

Through the media, Qatar is trying to divert suspicion from himself to the international community. The decision on the severance of diplomatic relations primarily affect the population of the country, will be under siege and would be forced to starve. How can you comment on that?

— These allegations and false information, Doha provides the Arab world. Qatar, through “al-Jazeera” is always trying to show themselves as “white and fluffy”, blaming others in an attempt of discrediting the country for her successes and achievements. And now to reveal the truth about the ruling regime in Qatar, which is supported by evidence, documents and intelligence information about the financing of terrorist organizations in different Arab countries. I would like to note that the current crisis does not develop between Qatar (state and nation) and the Arab countries and between Arab countries and the regime that supports terrorism and carries out conspiracies against the Arab States. The Emir of Qatar Tamim inherited it from his father Hamad bin Khalifa and uncle Hamad bin jasima. He thought he was able to create a world state with its capital in Doha, which occupies the entire territory of the globe. Therefore, I believe that this conflict has two sides, and one of the Arab world that needs to change the policy direction of one of its parts, which is called the state of Qatar, to return it to some safe and trustworthy countries. Moreover, Qatar is limited in size, population and potential, and all that he has is the money going to support terrorist organizations.


©, World Economic ForumХамад bin Jassim bin Jabr al-Thani

Support of terrorism

The support the Doha terrorists in Egypt, Libya and Syria?

— First, uses Doha, “al Jazeera” for the dissemination of information that causes some people to follow the path of “anarchy and revolution” against his government. Second, it provides shelter to terrorist elements, puts them up in big hotels, both in Qatar and abroad anywhere in the world to facilitate direct contact between the militants and teaches them the overthrow of governments in the Arab world, and then provides them with a significant amount of money for the formation of terrorist organizations in countries where Doha is supplying these mercenaries. For example, in Turkey, which is the appropriate place for training of militants. They are provided with appropriate uniforms, weapons, ammunition for any terrorist activities, including the establishment of control over the local population in the selected area of Doha, and then to provide terrorists with Maritime, air and ground transportation for military operations. The struggle is fueled with generous financing, which helps to control the new terrorist groups and thus ensures a loyalty to Qatar. In addition, Doha provides the victims the terrorists treated in private clinics and in Israeli hospitals in Syria and Iraq.

Could Qatar to retreat from its policy of supporting terrorism?

— Qatar, which we have seen over the last 22 years since the head of the country by order of the United States stood Hamad bin Khalifa, ended its existence. The new US administration headed by trump uses Qatar in the destruction of the Arab and Muslim world to achieve the “controlled chaos”. Because of this, the ruling elite in Qatar under the leadership of Emir Tamim completed his political strategy, which was based on the “language of destruction”, and now believes that needs to look the other way in this situation to manage their sabotage operations. Despite the fact that the ruling elite are guaranteed the full completion of its strategy, it will take not much time before the new shift regime. Therefore, to ensure its survival, Qatar supports the enemies and the enmity between the two brotherly and neighboring States. And there will come a new morning in the Arab world that Qatar will once again be a part of it and will the new ruling regime in the country, which will rise in line with other Arab regimes. All this shows the vision of the Arab world and the world powers in the last few days and now we are waiting for the right moment.


© AP Photo, websiteБоевики Militant terrorist group “Islamic state” (DAIS)

Qatar and the “Muslim brotherhood”

— What are the causes of support for Qatar “Muslim brotherhood”?

Qatar only by foreign conspiracies aimed at creating crises in the Arab countries. But the support of the terrorist group “Muslim brotherhood” I say: “Brothers-Muslims” do evil for good. Qatar has done a lot for “Muslim Brothers”, but they have not done and will not do well, no matter how mentally not one of them. In fact, Hamad bin Jassim is one of the leading participants of the conspiracy against the Arab world, which is based on a foreign order since Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa ousted his father from power. Since Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim has been Prime Minister, and then Minister of foreign Affairs of Qatar, to attend the meetings of the Arab League, but not in order to convey information about the events of Katara, but in order to spy on the Arab world: he has performed this work over the last few years.

But… Hamad bin Jassim was removed from power in Qatar?

— Hamad bin Jassim did not come from the ruling circles in Qatar. He will remain the de facto ruler of Qatar is still alive, and Emir Tamim can not prevent him to manage public Affairs or to distribute Qatari money to terrorists who are destroying the Arab world. Emir Tamim is not stronger than his father, Emir Hamad, who left the power to the TA’mim, bypassing Hamad bin jasima, thereby withdrawing it from the ruling circles. However, Hamad bin Jassim still manages the Affairs of the state and will continue its work in carrying out his special mission to destroy the Arab States.


© RIA Novosti, Andrei Stenin | go to photobacteria at the mosque al-Fatah, where he took refuge supporters of the “Muslim brotherhood”


Could Qatar to abandon the “Muslim Brothers”? If possible, how?

— Qatar will be able to abandon the “Muslim Brothers” in the two cases. And one of them will precede the other. The first case will take place, if the US changes its policy regarding criminal gangs, who use politicized Islam. And this is what is now beginning to happen in the United States under President trump, because he believes America is a spoiled child, which is used in order to cause chaos in the Arab world. The US finished to play this role, because some Arab countries have begun to raise his head, trying to seize dominance from America and Western Europe, as well as started to rebel against the United States and the West. Therefore, the West decided to “break the bones” of these terrorist groups which they created and are looking for inexpensive ways to achieve this goal. A second case will occur if the family al-Thani will make an attempt to get rid of Hamad bin jasima.

— Where the people of Qatar in all this?

— A few years ago, there were signs of discontent. Now is not the best events to happen in every Arab country, and it affects the ruling regime in Qatar. The problem not in Qatar American base, not in the ruling family, in one person, which manages the Treasury of Qatar and brings chaos in the Arab world.

Hostile relations

— Previous Emir of Qatar Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani came to power in a coup in 1995, ousted his father. After that, the situation in Qatar has changed, and the policy of the country has undergone changes, becoming hostile toward many Arab countries. What is the reason?

— First I would like to note that what made the former Emir of Qatar Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani, this is not a coup. Changes in government occurred as a result of the implementation of the Western directions that were on hand Casimo Hamad bin al-Thani, who was Prime Minister and foreign Minister of Qatar. At the time, Hamad bin Jassim was in the position of Minister of municipal Affairs, and then Deputy Minister. Thus, the policy of Qatar in relation to the Arab countries changed dramatically after 1995. To date, the Qatar implements foreign orders, hostile to the interests of the Arab countries, especially Gulf countries. I remember that when Britain and then the United States asked the late ruler of Qatar, Emir Khalifa bin Hamad al Thani permission to establish military bases on the territory of the country, the Emir several times gave a negative answer. Western countries used the crown Prince Hamad bin jasima to repay his father Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani, and to foster his removal from power. This explains why the rumors about it has spread beyond Qatar and why there were riots and crises in the Arab countries. The fact that Qatar is acting as the executor of foreign orders, does not make him obligated to bear the costs for conspiracies against the Arab countries and to provide shelter for all financed terrorist groups.

The Role Of “Al-Jazeera”

— How do you see the role now of al-Jazeera?

— “Al Jazeera” is a tool to achieve the goal, not the news channel. It was a gift from the West to its spoiled child Hamad bin Casimo who has full right of ownership of it. The main activity of the channel sent to the Western experts, the purpose of which is subversive activities in the Arab and Muslim world.

— Relations between Egypt and Qatar were very close during the reign of former Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi. What was waiting for Qatar from the rule of “Muslim Brothers” in Egypt?

— At the beginning of the reign of the “Muslim brotherhood” in Egypt from Qatar, a delegation arrived. The Qatari delegation expressed its recognition of the “Muslim brotherhood” for the efforts they have taken to create the intelligence services of Qatar, but I found that they were using Qatar to achieve what they dreamt of in Egypt. And perhaps this explains why good relations with Egypt during the reign of Morsi is different from the tense relations during the reign of Mubarak and Al-Sisi.


© AP Photo, Kamran JebreiliСотрудник in the office of the TV company Al Jazeera in Doha, Qatar

Tel Aviv and Doha

And finally. How strong relations between Qatar and Israel?

— Relations between Qatar and Israel have for a long time. They are not ashamed in Doha, despite the fact that they are bound by the camp David agreements.

Gaps in the review Hamad bin casima


Former Minister of foreign Affairs of Qatar Hamad bin Jassim suddenly appeared in new York in a television interview on the American channel.

Hamad bin Jassim, answering questions Charlie rose on PBS, spoke about Qatar’s politics over the past 21 years. He shirked unambiguous clear answers, then denying the relationship of his country with Iran, in an hour, confirming the existence of normal relations, and an hour later, justifying that this is a normal relationship with Iran does not support the government.

In the message channel Al Arabiya said that if we want to understand Qatari policy that hides and only shows certain things, then we have to go back when the Gulf States has not severed diplomatic relations with Doha and do not have any pressure on the country.

In 2013 Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim said: “We have always believed that there should be good relations with Iran, and I think that does not make sense to have a bad relationship with him.”

Answers Hamad bin casima show some effort and intention of Qatar to expand relations with Iran, even an attack on the Saudi Embassy in Tehran. Bahrain and the UAE expressed their solidarity with the Kingdom, severing diplomatic relations with Iran, while Qatar supported Saudi Arabia, which bin Jassim described as “the backbone of the body of the Bay”.


© AP Photo Mohamed Abd El Moatey, Egyptian Presidency via AP, FileПрезидент of Egypt Abdul Fatah Khalil Al-Sisi and Saudi Arabia’s king Salman in Cairo

In addition, an interview of rose with Sheikh Hamad bin jasima also touched upon the recent case of “Muslim brotherhood” which the former Minister of foreign Affairs said, “We were dealing with the “Muslim brotherhood” when they were elected by the people of Egypt. Nevertheless, Qatar was the first country that supported the government of President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, because all of this is an internal affair of Egypt.”

But even this answer was not convincing. Qatar after the fall of the regime “Muslim brotherhood” really began to provide money, information and other assistance to the official government headed by President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, while continuing to collaborate with leaders and members of the “Muslim Brothers” and providing them with shelter.

Hamad bin Jassim left a lot of questions after his comments at the last meeting, in particular he has declared that his country is “under siege”, though he knows that it is not. In addition, former Qatari Minister of foreign Affairs is aware of the fact that Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain will struggle to contain Qatar, if its position will be contrary to the decisions of the GCC and that the channels which say the truth about it stopped broadcasting when he was appointed Minister of foreign Affairs.

“Center”: “Brothers-Muslims” defending their “breadwinner” — Qatar


“Ideological war” at the Ministry of defense of Saudi Arabia posted a message on the official Twitter page, which States that the organization “Muslim brotherhood”, and from which come the suicide bombers began using their activists to protect their breadwinner — Qatar.

The centre announced: “”the Muslim brotherhood” ignite a religious fervor in the Muslim world, promising to establish an Islamic Caliphate.” The radical provisions of the Constitution of the Caliphate have been formulated on the basis of the ideology of ISIS and “al-Qaeda” (banned in Russia — approx. ed.). Currently, the “Muslim Brothers” protecting their “breadwinner” and create “legal conditions” for the formation of the Islamic Caliphate.

The main task of the Center under the Ministry of defense of Saudi Arabia, headed by Deputy crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, to detect errors, the rumors, suspicions and ways that are used to promote extremism and terrorism. And also to explain the correct approach to the problem of extremism and terrorism, using various ideological initiatives in Saudi Arabia and abroad, as well as initiatives in Turkey for the ideological fight against terrorism and extremism.


© AFP 2016, Fayez NureldineМинистр defense of Saudi Arabia Prince Mohammed bin Salman

The center is working to form a deep understanding of the problem of extremism by using new methods and determination of those who serve a target for extremist groups. In addition, the Center explores the tools used by extremist groups. Center effectively cooperates with many institutions, ideological, and informational organizations, determines effective methods to promote moderation, tolerance, dialogue and understanding values in the context of faith in the inevitable global diversity, not concentrating attention on abstract theoretical points.

The Center is staffed by professionals who performed various functions, both in Saudi Arabia and abroad.

Australia demands to punish Qatar, which she calls a “sponsor of terrorism”


The Australian company ABC News reported that authorities are discussing a ban on “Qatar Airways” and the imposition of economic sanctions against Qatar amid accusations of supporting terrorism.

Leader of the Australian conservative party Cory Bernardi said that it is time for the Federal government to be more severe with Qatar and deprive it of its interests in the region.

A week after the statements Bernardi Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE, Egypt and other countries broke off diplomatic and economic relations with Qatar, accusing it of supporting terrorism and harboring the leaders of terrorist organizations on its territory.

Bernardi announced Qatar a “state sponsor of terrorism”, in accordance with the claims of neighbouring countries and the Clinton Foundation in the United States.


© REUTERS, StringerСамолет Qatar Airways at the airport in Doha

Leader of the Australian conservative party asked: “Why did we allow Qatar to protect its food security if it undermines our national security?” He pointed to the Qatari company “Hassad Australia”, which owns 300 hectares of key agricultural land in Australia, calling for the need to force the company to sell the land.


Cory Bernardi said that it would be appropriate to request from Qatar to invest in Australia, while he continues to support terrorism.

In addition, Senator Bernardi said of the need to close the Australian airspace for aircraft, “Qatar Airways” and ban Qatar to sponsor any Australian sports team. “The time has come to protect our national interests, and that means stop ignoring countries that undermine our national interests and sponsors of enemy activity,” added Bernardi.

Cory Bernardi called on the President of the Senate Robert Brokenshire and Minister for foreign Affairs of Australia, Julie Bishop to take a decision on this issue, noting that Qatar has used investments in Australian assets to increase the money which went to Finance terrorist activities.